After Son Left For College, Mom Found These All Over The House

As kids grow up they're usually so eager to fly off on their own and leave the nest. Most don't even realize how hard that can be for parents.

It's not easy to see your kids grow up and go off on their own. If you thought dropping your kid off for the first day of kindergarten was tough, you should see how it feels when you drop them off at college for the first time.

One mom was struggling to keep from getting emotional, but her son wanted to make it a little easier for her.

Cheryl Gottlieb Boxer had a hard time the first time she dropped off her college-age son at school. She thought it would get easier when she brought him back for the second semester, but to her surprise, it wasn't.

She dreaded returning to the quiet, empty house and missed his presence.

"I missed his chatter, his guitar music and video games," she wrote in a Facebook post. "Every corner of the house felt barren in his absence."

Boxer's son realized how hard his growing up had been on his mother, and he knew she was struggling with her emotions about it. He wanted to leave his mother a little surprise to lift her spirits.

It worked.

Boxer was seriously missing her son and feeling sad when she came across her first little note. Her son had stashed it for her, knowing she would find it.

Then Boxer found another note, and another, and another.

"You Look Beautiful," read one note he left on the mirror.

"Have a nice bath," read a note on the edge of the tub.

"I love you," said a note on the inside of her coffee maker.

Everywhere her son knew she would go, a little note was stashed there to brighten her day.

"Finding these notes has made me so happy. And I keep finding more," she said.

"Each note I find I’m afraid is the last, but then I find another," the mom continued.

"When he called me with a travel update I asked him why he left them, and he told me because he doesn’t want me to forget him.... As if that’s possible."

Maybe her son got into the habit of leaving notes because that's what Boxer does for him.

"I assume by now he has found the note I left inside the dinner I packed for him. 'Be careful and I love you'," she said.

"Because I don’t want him to forget me either."

Leaving a note is such a sweet and simple way to let someone know you care, and to remind them that you're always thinking of them. Parents are told that leaving little encouraging notes in their kids' knapsacks and lunch boxes is a great way to motivate kids to do their best in school.

Married couples who leave little love notes for each other for no reason other than to say something nice help keep the romance alive.

It's just as nice for a parent to get one of those reassuring notes from a child. They say ‘it’s the thought that counts’, and the thought behind leaving such sweet notes just can’t be beat.

Source: Little Things, MSN
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Cheryl Gottlieb Boxer/Facebook, Pixabay

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