Pregnant Anchor Slammed For Fitted Dress Worn Live On Air

An award-winning journalist was surprised to get complaints from viewers about her appearance. While on-air talents are used to having critics post nasty things about their looks, hair, make-up or choice of outfit, this comment was particularly surprising.

Apparently, they had a beef with the anchor's baby bump.

Kristen Nicole is a mother of one, and was expecting another baby in a month, at the time. You would think a successful working mom deserves a little bit of praise, especially coming to work in the home stretch of a pregnancy.

Unfortunately, you can't please everyone. Some viewers got in touch with the station to comment about the anchor's baby bump.

The 'Good Day Chicago' anchor was seated behind a desk wearing a form-fitting blue dress. She says she wears the dress once per week, and she has no intention of stopping because of a few nay-sayers. She shut down the shade right away with a Facebook post.

"LET ME SAVE YOU SOME TROUBLE," was the title of the post (caps are Nicole's).

"My email address is, but if you're writing to tell me that you're offended by the sight of my baby bump, don't hold your breath waiting for a response. It's not coming," she began.

She made fun of the reaction to her clingy dress. "Whoa...disgusting, right? (insert massive eye roll)."

She then spoke more directly to her critics. "To Karen, Gene and Sabrina who wrote to me today, use your time better," the journalist urged. "Pay someone a compliment. Do a good deed."

"To everyone else who has sent messages of congratulations and well wishes," Nicole added, "You are keeping me motivated through these last 6 weeks. "

"We're finally in the home stretch! I have had a healthy, comfortable, stress free pregnancy. My husband, son and I are beyond excited to meet our new addition. Thank you for being a part of our journey!"

Nicole apparently received three emails from three separate people. It's hard to believe that many viewers in 2017 would actually have trouble with a woman being pregnant without trying to hide their body under a tent.

One of the women accused Nicole of wearing a fake baby bump to give her ratings a boost. Another critic complained that Nicole didn't dress in more standard maternity gear.

Nicole says the negative messages was 'disheartening', but a show of support came out of the rubble. Praise from fans came pouring in, congratulating Nicole for how great she looks, and how she handled the situation.

"Can't believe anyone would take time out of their day to say things like that," said one Facebook commenter of the critics.

"You are beautiful. Ignore those who try to make someone feel bad, because they are so insecure," said another.

Nicole isn't alone. A pregnant Canadian anchor, Kelsey McEwen, was also recently body shamed for appearing on television in a form-fitting dress while pregnant. Another reporter in Georgia was called 'disgusting' for letting her baby bump show.

Source: AOL
Photo: Kristen Nicole/Facebook, Fox32 Screenshot

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