Brave Mom Throws Herself In Front Of SUV To Save Kids On Trip To Colorado

A mother’s love has been described as the most powerful force in the universe. In fact, history is full of examples of mothers who have chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice for their children or families.

The story below is another such tale of maternal love, and shows that the power of a mother’s love still knows no bounds here in the 21st Century.

The mom in this case is named Joy Veron. Joy is a mother who, like the vast majority of mothers, would do anything for her children -
anything. Even if it means putting her life at serious risk to try and save them.

The unfortunate incident occurred during a family vacation in western Colorado. It is moments like this that define the kind of person you are, and Joy proved to the Veron family just how far Joy would actually go to protect her three kids.

It turns out that this tragic but heartwarming story ended up making the national news and was even featured on the Oprah Winfrey show.

In a video describing what happened below, Oprah narrates and explains that the three children ran ahead of their folks and hopped into their white SUV before the mom and dad got there. The bad news is that the car started to roll forward almost as soon as the kids got in the car.

Of course, Joy and her husband were panicked when they saw the car begin to roll down the trail and head toward the edge of a cliff above a tall canyon.

“All I could see was to get in front of the car and physically stop it,” Joy comments in an interview with Oprah, explaining that she couldn’t think of anything else to do except throw herself in front of the moving SUV.

So she ran at full speed and threw herself under the wheels of the car in a desperate effort to slow the vehicle down. She succeeded in her goal, but the heavy SUV completely shattered Joy’s body.

Her spine snapped instantly and many ribs and other organs were seriously damaged. The medical experts told her and her family that she had maybe a one percent chance of walking again at best.

The amazingly brave and self-sacrificing mom admits that when she was lying there in the hospital, she seriously considered the ultimate reality of death.

However, as Joy noted in her interview with Oprah, she wasn’t ready to die yet.

“I remember hearing my kids screaming, ‘My mom is dying, my mom is dying!’

"And that’s when I made the decision. I didn’t want to die.”

The best news of all is that Joy’s stunning sacrifice for her family was not in vain. None of her children died or were seriously injured in the accident.

Joy is limited to a wheelchair right now, she is adamant that though her back may be broken, her spirit was not, and she plans to continue physical therapy with the goal of getting back on her feet and walking again.

Source: Little Things
Photo: OWN TV

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