Even JFK Had To Practice Polite Diplomacy To Mom With His Letters

You think you've got mommy issues? You're not alone. Apparently, even when you're president of the United States, it can be difficult dealing with your mom sometime. A hilarious letter from former President John F. Kennedy to his own mother proves this.

As president, you are the leader of the free world. Yet, your mother is still the boss of you. So where does that leave you? It left President Kennedy in a touchy situation, and he had to firmly but gently put his foot down with his mother, Rose Kennedy.

Apparently, Kennedy went to do some business with then-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, only to learn that his mom had been in touch first. Khrushchev had apparently been in contact with Rose and asked her if she could get her son to sign a photo of Kennedy, his wife Jackie, Khrushchev and his wife. Rose pulled a mom move and totally promised she'd have her son sign it, and she didn't bother to consult the president first.

In Rose's eyes, it seems her son would always be little Jack rather than Commander-in-Chief.

Kennedy had to politely ask his mom to back off a bit.

"Dear Mother;" the letter reads on official White House stationary. "Would you be sure to let me know in the future any contacts you have with heads of state, etc. concerning requests for pictures, signatures, etc. Requests of this nature are subject to interpretations and therefore I would like to have you clear them before they are sent."

White House historian Michael Beschloss dug up the old letter, which was dated November 3, 1962, and released it about four years ago. It barely got any attention until he released Rose's response on November 10, 1962. Beschloss published that letter on Mother’s Day.

"Dear Jack," Rose wrote. "I understand very well your letter, although I had not thought of it before."

Rose then goes on to talk about how Khrushchev autographed a photo for Jackie. She also mentioned that she had some other conversations about autographs recently. German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and former President Eisenhower autographed books for Kennedy last Christmas, she reminded him, and she invited French General Charles de Gaulle to do the same.

Then in a cheeky closure, Rose wrote, "When I ask for Castro's autograph, I shall let you know in advance!"

Considering America was dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis at the time, Rose's tongue-in-cheek response about Cuban leader Fidel Castro is a priceless mom shut-down.

Source: Daily Dot
Photo: NASA On The Commons/Flickr

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