Mom Accidentally Sends Facebook Message To Stranger, Turns Into A Miracle

A mom from Appleton, Wisconsin was at a desperate time in her life, so she decided to send a private message on Facebook to a friend requesting help and asking for prayer. However, rather than sending the message to her friend, the worried mother accidentally sent the message to a complete stranger with a similar name to her friend.

However, it seems the desperate mom’s honest error is now turning into a genuine Christmas miracle.

It seems that Amy Rickel accidentally messaged a complete stranger named Brian Van Boxtel asking for prayers. In fact, Rickel meant to send the message to a friend with a similar name.

Van Boxtel explains that he has never met or heard of Rickel, but that was not the end of the conversation between the two.

"He was like, 'Nope! God puts us in people's lives for a reason'," Rickel describes Van Boxtel’s reaction to her message.

In terms of her story, Rickel had moved to Green Bay to be closer to the father of her kids, but she soon wound up homeless and jobless with three children.

The desperate mom notes that they were living in a hotel when their money ran out and her car broke down. The family simply had nowhere to go.

Rickel notes she was "bawling and praying and that's when Brian messaged [her]."

Van Boxtel told the disbelieving woman he was coming to her hotel to pay for a few days. He says that a simple question prompted his actions: "What would Jesus do?"

Most importantly, Van Boxtel convinced Rickel she should set up a GoFundMe account to ask caring people to help.

That led kind-hearted Kathy Schumann to offer Rickel the use of her minivan, and a great deal more.

"She really tugged at our heartstrings," Schumann explained. "And we just felt like this holiday season we couldn't let the kids be out in the cold and we cleared out a room and brought them home."

Chad Morack also heard about the GoFundMe. When he found out Rickel is a licensed practical nurse, he set her up with a local medical recruiting office in Appleton.

"Amy will attest there was a lot of work and a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on to really make this happen and to make it happen quickly," Morack notes.

The good news is that the recruiter was pleased with Rickel's credentials and remarked, "After that I was just, I couldn't help but continue working really hard to get her references and resume over to our clients so we could get her a full-time position."

In even better news, Rickel started a new LPN job on January 3rd.

Rickel is still a little stunned by all the recent developments in her life: "I still kind of find it unbelievable."

All of the people who helped her now share a very close bond.

"I know that God had me in the right place at the right time and so I listened to my heart," Van Boxtel commented.

Moreover, Rickel is now hopeful about life again: "It's totally restored my faith in more than just humanity, my faith in God."

Source: WPXI, GoFundMe
Photo: WPXI

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