Ivanka Trump Slammed For Recent Mommy Moment Photo

Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump and his unofficial White House aide, posted a photo of herself getting ready for an evening out, and her children hiding under her dress. The dress is glamourous, the children are adorable, but Ivanka's critics found something to pick on nonetheless: a typo.

On Tuesday, Trump shared a photo of herself from when she was getting ready for a night out. She was wearing a red satin floor-length gown. The gown was stunning, and Ivanka looked lovely, but these weren't your typical glamour shots.

As any mom can tell you, getting ready for a night out isn't quite so easy when little ones are around. In Ivanka's case, her children were hiding under her gown, peeking out of the leg slit.

For some, it was an adorable moment to which many parents could relate.

"The story of every mom's life!!!" said one commenter.

"You are such a cool mama!" said another.

Other people did not find the photo adorable and quickly slammed her for being inappropriate with her children.

One use wrote “Gross. And it’s peek,” while another commented “Why do you think this is appropriate?”

Another person chimed in saying “OMG, say you didn’t do this with your kids?”

“Are you seriously so utterly tone deaf than to post a picture of boys looking up your dress?” another commenter wrote.

Other people criticized Ivanka for a spelling mistake. In the caption of her photo, she wrote 'peak-a-boo' instead of 'peek-a-boo'.

"I hope you’re getting a dictionary for Hannukah, Princess," commented one person with a Judge Judy facepalm meme.

Twitter fans of Ivanka jumped in to point out that it's actually spelled 'Hanukkah'.

"My 7-year-old just peeked over my shoulder, read this and said 'That's 'peak' like a mountain, not 'peek' like 'I see you'. God bless our public ed system," said another.

Others took the opportunity to lash out at President Trump. One person posted a photoshopped image of the president behind bars.

"*Peek-a-boo," the caption read.

In another photo, all three children are trying to turn mommy and her designer dress into a tent. Ivanka is laughing as Arabella, Joseph and Theodore crawled around on the floor under mommy's legs.

"Looks like your dad in the Miss America dressing room," said one person on Ivanka's Instagram account. "Sorry but her dad is just as much a pervert as all these other ones."

Many Trump critics, because of the #MeToo movement, are livid about the 16 accusations leveled against Mr. Trump from before he was president that have been swept under the rug and ignored by the Republican party. Many have lashed out at Ivanka for not speaking out against her father in support of his female accusers.

Another Instagram commenter shot back, asking, "...do you have to take an innocent picture of a mom and her child and turn it into something disgusting?"

Ivanka, as usual, ignored the backlash and went back to business the next morning. She went back to business as usual on Wednesday morning, tweeting support for STEM education. The STEM curriculum advocates education in four disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The program encourages an inter-disciplinary approach, rather than compartmentalizing them as different subjects.

"K-12 #STEM education is critical to ensuring our youth are prepared for the careers of the future. Join the conversation! #CSforKids #CSEdWeek," she wrote.

Source: Yahoo, Inquisitr
Photo: Ivanka Trump/Instagram, Ivanka Trump/Twitter

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