Little Girl Goes Down Spiral Slide, Gets Stuck. Friend Sees What's Around Her Neck

Six-year-old Marley Oster and her friend, Madison, were playing on the playground during recess.
Tragically, the two friends’ fun during recess turned into a disaster when Marley went down the playground spiral slide wearing her bucket hat.

The hat is a required part of the student's uniform at the school in Australia and has a cord and quick release safety clip included. Somehow when Marley went down the spiral slide, the cord wedged in a crack and became stuck.

Unfortunately, the safety clip on the cord did not release, and Marley was hanging by her neck on the slide choking.

The very good news is that her friend Madison noticed what was going on and managed to get close enough to her desperate, choking friend to manually release the safety clip. This freed Marley from the choking and most certainly saved her life.

Marley's mom, Gail Oster, described the situation to a local newspaper in Adelaide:

“The bell was about to go [when the accident happened]. If Madison wasn’t there, all the children would have been inside and Marley would have been left there. The slide faces the carpark at the back of the school so no one would have found her.”

Oster also pointed out that the accident left her daughter with major injuries:

“It resulted in a really bad neck injury. The doctor told me another 45 seconds and her windpipe would have collapsed."

Oster also says her daughter’s friend Madison is a hero.

Of note, Oster highlighted in the interview that she bought the sun-protecting bucket the hat from the school just the day before the accident happened.

After this scare, Oster posted a warning on social media to other parents whose children wear bucket hats to make sure that the safety clip is doing its job properly, and will automatically open when reasonable pulling pressure is applied.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Faceboook/Gail Oster via Independent Journal Review

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