Man Finally Finds Out What Really Happened After Wife and Kids Disappeared 15 Years Ago

When John Clark arrived home from work in 1995, he was expecting to find his wife, Eileen, waiting to greet him with their three children, aged seven, five and two years old. However, Mr. Clark found none of these things in his New Mexico home.

Instead, Mr. Clark was greeted by an empty house and dozens of questions.

After looking around the home in a confused stupor, Mr. Clark finally found a clue to his family’s location: A note on the dining table, telling Mr. Clark that Eileen and the kids, Hayden, Chandler, and Rebekah, had decided to go on a brief vacation and would return soon.

However, Mr. Clark had no intention of finding out if the cryptic note was fake or if his wife had been coerced into writing it. After contacting the authorities about the disappearance of his family, New Mexico police began an immediate investigation.

However, when police couldn’t find any leads in the local area, the scope of the investigation broadened and began involving federal agencies. At one stage, Eileen was even placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

For the next fifteen years, Mr. Clark relentlessly searched for his wife and family, hiring private investigators, becoming close to members of local and regional law enforcement agencies, and tracking down old friends and family of his wife.

Finally, Mr. Clark’s endeavors gave fruit. After a 15-year collaboration between his own private investigators and the FBI, Mr. Clark was given the good and bad news.

Firstly, his wife and children were alive. However, it seems that Eileen – who was living in London with her children – had decided to leave him after all.

This is where the story gets messy.

After chasing down Eileen, London affiliates of CBS and ABC asked Mr. Clark’s husband about her decision to disappear. Initially shocked that she had been found, Eileen asked media outlets to respect her privacy.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Mr. Clark was busy telling the same media outlets that his wife had abandoned him and kidnapped his children.

In response to these stories, Eileen agreed to talk to the media. According to Little Things, Eileen only left her husband because herself and her kids had been living in an abusive household.

Claiming that Mr. Clark verbally and physically abused her, Eileen defended her decision to run away.

However, Mr. Clark has steadfastly denied the allegations against him, telling anyone who’ll listen that he would never hurt his wife or kids. Angry and bitter about losing 15 years of growing up with his kids, Mr. Clark does not think he will ever be able to forgive Eileen.

Since making his original discovery, Mr. Clark has reached out to his now adult children. After letting them know he was their father and had his own side to the story, two of Mr. Clark’s kids agreed to meet with him.

It remains to be seen if the father has formed any bond with his kids.

Source: Little Things
Photo: YouTube, KRQE

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