Mom’s Letter to Ivanka After Trump Rolls Back Obama's Order Goes Viral

President Donald Trump shocked Americans yet again last week when his administration made an unexpected announcement: he was rolling back protections put in place for transgendered school students. The POTUS complained that people shouldn't just be able to use the bathroom that matched their identity, and that he felt it should be a state rather than a federal issue.

A chill of fear went down the backs of transgendered children across the nation. The Obama administration had put the protections in place in order to protect the rights of young, defenseless kids who are continuously forced to suffer indignities at the hands of school officials and bullies. Even Caitlyn Jenner, a celebrity transgendered Trump supporter, was shocked by the sudden move, and urged the president to call her.

One woman didn't even bother trying to reason with the POTUS; she's appealing to Ivanka Trump, mother to mother.

The woman, known as 'Rose', says she was heartbroken when her 8-year-old daughter Sadie asked her, " "Mommy, what if Trump comes to my school and makes me use the boy's room? Do I get the principal?"

In her letter to Ms. Trump, Rose explained her child's struggle. "Samuel liked to play dress up from a very young age. When he was two, his camp counselor sent us photos of him dressed up in princess costumes and a pink bonnet. At three, Samuel's preschool teacher informed us that he chose a tutu from the dress up bin instead of the doctor's lab coat or fireman jacket that the other boys favored. By four, Samuel broke out in hives when we tried to cut his hair, and at five he told us, through tears, that he wanted to burn his face off because it wasn't a girl face. He also tore at his genitalia with such hatred, I had to pin his arms down at his sides."

Samuel insisted he wasn't supposed to have a penis. Rose and her husband brought Samuel to a professional, and learned he was transgendered. When they allowed Samuel to be Sadie at six years old, her entire life turned around. Sadie blossomed into a bright, ambitious young girl.

Rose pleaded with Ivanka to help. "Because I know exactly what I would do if were you: I would take my father aside and explain that failing to protect innocent children's rights to use the bathroom of their choice is wrong and unfair and un-American," wrote Rose to Ivanka. "I would point out that removing protections for transgender kids is a distraction from the myriad of other super-pressing issues facing our country. And I would also mention that picking a fight with school kids is an act of bullying and gently mention that bullying is uncool, especially when unprovoked, which is the case here."

Rose extended an invitation to the first daughter to meet her family. No word yet on whether Ivanka has responded, or will.

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Photo: Instagram/ivankatrump, Isabel Rose via BuzzFeed

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