Mom Teaches Daughter How To Use Allowance Responsibly, It Goes Viral

One mother shared on Facebook how she works out her daughter's allowance. Instead of just handing money to the kid, she wants to use that weekly allowance to teach her child what it's like to live in the 'real world'.

The mom hopes to prepare her daughter to be a responsible adult someday, so she charges the 5-year-old for rent, utilities and food.

Essence Evans says that her daughter gets $7 for an allowance every week, but the mother wants the daughter to understand the value of a dollar and to know that money goes just as easily as it comes.

"Every week she gets $7 dollars in allowance. But I explained to her that in the real world most people spend most of their paycheck on bills with little to spend on themselves," Evans explains.

"I make her give me $5 dollars back. $1 for rent $1 for water $1 for electricity $1 for cable and $1 for food."

The daughter is left with $2, and with that she can do whatever she likes: spend it, save it or share it with others.

This might sound like mom's being a little greedy, but in reality she's not. She's not pocketing the $5 per week that she takes from her daughter.

She's stashing it in a secret savings account for her daughter's future.

"What she doesn't know is the $5 is actually going away in her savings account which I will give back to her when she turns 18," Evans said. "So if she decides to move out on her own she will have $3,380 to start off."

She'll also have the discipline to spend it wisely because she'll have learned the importance of budgeting her money. Evans says she thinks her daughter will appreciate what she's doing for her in time.

"When they see how much real bills are they will appreciate you for giving them a huge discount," she jokes.

The young mom's Facebook post has gone viral. It's been shared hundreds of thousands of times with people praising her for a clever way of teaching her child to be financially responsible.

"You are brilliant for teaching this to your child in this way!" said one person. "I have done similar with my kids, and I am now the proud parent of two young ladies who know and respect what they can earn more than something given to them."

"Well done!" said another. "I did a similar version of this when my boys were little, they have turned out to be amazing men and fathers, great with money, taking care of their children, owning their home, paying mortgages down, staying out of debt."

Not all the comments praised Evans. Some people don't agree with her methods.

"'It’s YOUR job to raise your child," one person complained. "Put the money in a savings account if you want, but no child should be made to feel that they should pay for what a parent should provide."

You can’t please everyone, especially when it comes to parenting methods. But it doesn’t sound like what Evans is doing will do her child any harm.

Giving children money isn’t enough to teach them how to manage money; you have to allow them to have some control over it as well. Having bills to pay is a lesson that this little girl is going to learn early, and when mom hands her back her significant savings she will probably not doubt that her mother provided for her.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Essence Evans/Facebook

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