Video Of Mom Bundled Up For Frigid Weather, But Took Kids Out Without Coats Goes Viral

A woman in North Dakota was shopping at a grocery store when she spotted a mom getting out of a car in the parking lot. The car was covered in ice and snow, and the ground had a blanket of white.

It was -9 degrees that evening, so it was not surprising that the mother was bundled up in a coat with boots. The shocking thing was that the kids with the mom didn't even have coats, sweaters or shoes.

The witness, Holly Renee Uranker, filmed the scene from her car. The mother had a shopping cart and put her young daughter, who looked to be a toddler, in the front upper compartment.

She then pulled her son out of the car, a boy who looked to be about preschool age, and put him in the wagon.

Neither child was dressed for the dangerously cold weather. Both were simply in long-sleeved shirts and pants.

They weren't wearing hats, gloves, scarves, coats, or even shoes. In sub-zero temperatures, children can get severe frostbite in less than 30 minutes in weather like that.

Uranker uploaded the video to the Valley News Live Facebook. Furious comments came in demanding that authorities get involved and find the mother and children.

Members of the website CafeMom discussed the video, and most were in an uproar over what they saw as blatant child abuse. Some moms pointed out how the little boy was rubbing his hands together for warmth, so he was obviously cold.

The young girl was visibly shaking in the short film clip.

Some people defended the mother, saying that it was a 12-second video clip and that it's possible there is more to the story.

"It seemed the second child was giving her issues about getting out of the car. We are told that our kids shouldn't have their winter coats on in their car seats anymore because the straps don't fit comfortably or safely," said one person.

"Shame on everyone bashing this momma based upon 12 seconds of parenting. Maybe the store is 20 feet away, maybe one of the children vomited all over their coats and shoes."

Other moms on the message forum weren't buying it.

“Wow!!!!! Really why defend her she has more clothing on then her babies no socks!!!!"

"It's winter! There should be blankets if anything and the way she grabbed her kid," another commenter said.

"Bad day or not she isn't taking care of them !!!!!"

Another said, “Highly unlikely they both threw up on their coats & jackets. If that's the case she could/should have given them her coat."

"I'd be more worried about my children freezing than myself."

Many argued that even if it were some kind of emergency, there had to be a better way for the mom to handle it than to just strip off the winter outerwear and proceed with the shopping trip.

It seems that authorities are looking into the matter now. "We are told the Williston police department have identified the woman and children involved," reported the Valley News Facebook page.

Hopefully, they’ll get to the bottom of the incident and take appropriate action to protect those children.

Source: Raising The Herd
Photo: Facebook

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