Mom Carrying Meth Left Baby In Cold Car While She Went In Store To Shoplift

A mother from Florida was arrested last week after she left her baby all by himself in her SUV. Authorities found the woman and initially she lied to them about what was going on.

Upon searching her, they discovered that she had cocaine-laced meth under her clothes. In addition to that, they also found that she had shoplifted several items from the store.

Three strikes, and she is definitely out.

Sarah Wilmoth, a 30-year-old mom in Vero Beach, Florida, parked her car in the parking lot of a Publix supermarket. It was a cold day, and the mom left her infant son alone in the car while she went into the store to shoplift.

The young mother went in and began to pocket some cosmetics, such as nail polish, face cream and toilet deodorizer.

In the meantime, a couple in the parking lot heard the baby crying and spotted him alone in the back seat of an SUV. They didn’t think much of it at the time or investigate, assuming a parent was with the baby.

They went in and proceeded to do their shopping. Some 45-minutes later when they came out of the store, they could hear the crying coming from the same car.

This time, they felt compelled to check out the situation and found that the baby was left alone. With no adult in sight, they called emergency services to come tend to the child.

Winters in Florida can be mild, but that particular day, temperatures dropped into the 50’s.

Emergency officials arrived to rescue the child, who is reportedly unharmed. Police traced the license plate to the owner, then asked the store to call Wilmoth up front.

When she went to the counter, they directed her to her car in the parking lot. When Wilmoth walked out and found her baby with EMS, she began screaming in shock.

"Oh my God! That's my son!" she cried.

"My cousin was in the car with my baby and I don't know where he ran off to and why he would leave my son alone!"

The story didn’t fly very far and Wilmoth was unable to verify that she had left her child with any supervision. After authorities discovered the story about a cousin to be false, the mother finally admitted that the baby had fallen asleep in the car.

She thought he would be safe while she ran into the store for a few minutes.

Police searched Wilmoth and discovered a 'clear rocky substance and a crack pipe' under her clothing. Wilmoth confessed that it was methamphetamine laced with cocaine.

Police have not commented on whether the young mother was high or had used the substance before the incident.

Also upon searching the woman, police discovered she had all of the stolen items stuffed into her bra.

Wilmoth was arrested and charged with child endangerment, meth possession and shoplifting. Two days later she was released on $6,500 bail.

The mom also has an older daughter. No word yet on what authorities are doing with the children, or with whom they were placed when the mother was arrested. Wilmoth does have a boyfriend, but he was not present that day nor is he involved in the incident.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Indian River County Sheriff's Office, Facebook, Google

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