Mom Cried After Dad Made Fun Of Her Makeover, So Teen Turned To Twitter

Sometimes dads are well-meaning, but they just don't always say the right thing. Take one dad. When his teen daughter did her mother's makeup, the dad laughed at the new look. It made the poor mother cry. The teen tried to console her mother by turning to strangers on social media.

Haleigh Evette turned to Twitter for some reinforcement. The young girl shared a picture of her mother.

"i did my moms makeup and she felt really pretty, and now she’s crying because my dad laughed at her. rt [retweet] if you think Terri looks cute."

It turns out lots of people thought Terri looked great. The tweet went viral and had more than 117,000 retweets. Many strangers offered words of encouragement to Terri and Haleigh.

"Terri looks great!! have u shown her this tweet?? i hope it cheered her up," responded one person.

"Why laugh when it wasn’t for him in the first place. tell terri that as long as she feels beautiful, no one else’s opinion matters. you were doing it for her, not for him. he can laugh all he wants but in the end she remains beautiful and that’s the tea," said another.

"Your mom is absolutely gorgeous, please tell her that," another person responded.

Terri is a lovely lady, and Haleigh's makeup job really does look great. The girl has clearly got a talent.

As it turns out, Haleigh isn't the only one who has had to face this dilemma. Another teen named Erin posted a photo of her mom wearing make-up. It seems Erin was in the exact same boat.

"This was me when i did my mums make up for one of my assessments, she’s never wore make up and she loved it, she went home and my dad just laughed at her for it," said Erin.

"Dads suck!!! they only laugh because they don’t know how to react, they don’t know how to handle the enhanced beauty," Haleigh responded to Erin, finding comradery.

Terri finally responded to all the positive comments that she got on Twitter. "That tweeter stuff is crazy but people made me feel good and it was such a blessing,” she wrote.

Haleigh said that Terri cried again, but this time they were tears of happiness. “My mom was so happy that she even cried,” said the teen.

It's quite possible that the dads didn't mean the laughter to be mean-spirited. Perhaps the men just thought their wives were so beautiful the natural way, and looked so great before the makeovers, they saw no need for it. Who knows? Maybe they should get the benefit of the doubt.

Hopefully, lots of people are retweeting the posts by Haleigh and Erin to their dads. Maybe society can nip this problem in the bud and prevent any more future incidents. Dads, make a mental note: when your teen daughters give your wives a makeover, tell your wife she is beautiful to you no matter what she’s wearing. Just don’t laugh.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Twitter

The teen looked for support on Twitter.

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