Mom Furious That She Was Kicked Off Flight Because Flight Attendants Wouldn't Let Her Finish Breastfeeding

One mom from Texas was about to take off for New York City with her 2-year-old son and her parents, but things had not been going well. After the flight had been delayed for many hours, she was struggling to keep the cranky toddler calm.

She began breastfeeding, but the flight attendants wouldn't let her finish. When her son began screaming, they threw her off the flight.

Mei Rui says the plane had been sitting on the tarmac for nearly three hours. The family had gotten up at an insanely early hour to make the flight, so the delay resulted in an extremely unhappy, tired, two-year-old boy.

Rui began nursing her son in hopes that it would comfort him and put him to sleep. When she began, the cabin door was still open. Due to a de-icing incident, the plane didn't appear to be going anywhere. That's when flight attendants approached the mother and told her that she had to strap her son in his seat.

The 34-year-old mother asked if she could have just a few more minutes to get her 'exhausted' son to fall asleep, but the flight attendants weren't happy that the mother defied orders. They insisted the plane was ready to take off, but Rui argued that the cabin door was still open.

The mother was forced to comply, but as she anticipated, her son began crying when she placed him prematurely in his seat. The plane then sat there for another 25 minutes as little Lukas wailed.

Flight attendants then told Rui that she would have to get off the flight. When she resisted, police came and removed the mother, child, and her parents who were traveling with her.

In a video Rui made, she questioned why she was thrown off the flight. She says she didn't do anything wrong, but they insisted she 'did not comply with instructions'.

Rui asked the security guard how he would feel if it happened to his family. "It wouldn't happen to my family, I can assure you," he responded.

"If you can tell me which rule I broke I will go with you," said Rui.

"I do not have the ability to do that," the guard replied.

After the stressful incident, Rui says her father became distraught and collapsed. He had to be taken to the hospital. Rui, a Yale medical school graduate and cancer researcher, took to Facebook to vent.

"This was an even more traumatic morning for us than when Harvey destroyed our homes. My dad almost had a heart attack and collapsed on the floor. I had never imagined something like this could happen to our family," she said.

A spokesperson for Spirit Airline said, "No one was removed for breastfeeding. We were forced to remove a passenger from flight 712 after she refused to comply with crew instructions several times while the doors were closed during taxi and safety briefing."

The spokesperson continued, "To ensure the safety of our guests and crew, FAA regulations and airline policies require all passengers stay seated and buckled during takeoff and landing. We reviewed multiple accounts from the crew and other guests sitting nearby and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue."

The spokesperson said that Rui's family was given a full refund for the tickets.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: CBS Screenshot, Mei Rui/Facebook

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