Mom on Live TV Thought No One Would Notice, Then a Hand Pops Up

Breastfeeding is still controversial in some parts of the world. Although doctors strongly recommend that new moms breastfeed, doing so in public is considered rude in many places. That said, most US states have passed laws that specifically permit mothers to breastfeed their infants in public places.

Rachel Sklar is well known New York political and cultural writer, media entrepreneur, and mom to an active 18-month-old baby girl.

Sklar’s resume includes a number of books, as well as launching several books and initiatives, and the NYC-based woman is obviously very busy.

Juggling priorities with this kind of busy lifestyle means you have to be able to multitask. For Sklar, however, her impressive multitasking abilities turned into an entertaining blooper in a TV interview last month.

It seems that Sklar was appearing as a guest on Canada's CBC News to discuss recent changes to Barbie's appearance by Mattel when a tiny hand popped into view from below at the very end of the interview.

Sklar later admitted to her Twitter followers that she had been breastfeeding during the CBC interview, and had almost gotten away with it.

It turns out she had been breastfeeding her daughter during the whole interview, and no one would ever have known had the tiny hand not reached up to explore his mom’s blouse. Of course, the fact that Sklar was gently rocking in her chair for the whole time was a hint for the sharp-eyed.

The hardworking mom, writer and entrepreneur noted that her little girl obviously has “great timing.”
Other women on Twitter celebrated the new mom’s ability to take care of her baby while getting important work done:

@MarissaLF @rachelsklar @CBCNews I had totally forgotten about the ace-in-the-hole of "get things done with the baby around by feeding"

@JulieFlam@rachelsklar @CBCNews Oh my God! You should get an award for that!

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Twitter Screenshot

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