Mom Says If You See This Photo of Her Sick Son Don't Click On It

Sarah Allen, a 36-year-old mother of two, was incredibly stunned and frightened when she discovered a photo of her child had gone viral without her knowledge. This wasn’t a random pic either, but rather a photo of her sick child that was suffering through a case of chickenpox. As AOL explains, scammers got a hold of the pic and were using it to frame a donation scam.

The post appeared on social media as a plea for help, and it claims that social media giant Facebook will even match whatever users donate.

"This little baby has cancer and he need money for surgery. Facebook has decided to help by giving. 1 Like = 2 dollars. 1 Comment = 4 dollars. 1 Share = 8 dollars. Please don't scroll down without typing Amen," the post read.

Allen was stunned to realize it was her son in the photos, and that someone was using his vulnerable state in an attempt to scam others. When he was suffering through his chickenpox, she was interviewed for several articles as she was unable to afford the vaccine to ward off the disease. She’s assuming the scammers got a hold of the pic that way.

"We were warned people might take his pictures ... because if you Google chickenpox his pictures are there. So, we were well aware that might happen, but not in this respect, to say he had cancer," Allen said.

Allen reported the incident to Facebook numerous times before getting a response, and she was informed that one of the accounts that was posting the image had been removed. Unfortunately, it popped back up again, and the social media nightmare continues.

Security blogger Graham Cluley offered up a word of caution for other users that might feel their heartstrings being pulled by a post begging for help for a sick child.

"There are a lot of scams that use these kind of emotional images - oftentimes it's done to make money," he says.

Source: AOL
Photo: Facebook via AOL

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