Mom Sent To Jail For Duct Taping Her Child To A Chair

A mom pleaded guilty to felony child endangerment in September, and the prosecutor agreed to drop two more counts of felony child endangerment against her. A judge has now sentenced her to 30 days in prison, after which she'll be given an opportunity for judicial release.

The mom was arrested when she took one child swimming, but left her other child behind taped to a chair.

Susan Malysa, a 33-year-old Ohio mom, was arrested at the YMCA when she took one of her children swimming there. Police showed up after they got a disturbing call from a relative.

The relative had harbored suspicions that the mother was mistreating her 11-year-old son. She had previously tried to bring the boy to a counselor to talk about what was troubling him, but the mother refused to allow the boy to attend counseling sessions without her.

When the unnamed relative spoke to Malysa on the phone one day, the mom said she was on her way to the YMCA with one of her children, but the 11-year-old would not be joining them.

The relative went to the family home to check on the little boy. Her suspicions turned out to be right. The woman found the child had been left home, alone, duct taped to a chair.

The boy's mouth was taped shut. His hands were taped together behind his back. The child's two legs were taped to the chair so he was unable to get up or move around.

The relative immediately called 911 to report the abuse. Police arrived and found the boy was cold and shaking. The tape had left red marks on the child's skin.

Police also observed bruises on the boy's face and neck. Officers were sent to the YMCA to apprehend Malysa, who was swimming in the pool with her other child at the time.

Malysa pleaded with the court and told the judge that she loved her son, but the judge didn’t buy it. “You tell me you love this little boy. Well, I don’t have to believe you. That’s not love,” the judge said to Malysa at the sentencing.

Prosecutors recommended Malysa spend 60 days in the county jail, but the judge dismissed their recommendations because he felt the matter warranted a more serious punishment. Instead, he sentenced her to 9 months in the state prison, but will allow reconsideration for judicial release after 30 days.

“This is conduct that will not be tolerated in our society, and I do wish to make an example of you, in that regard,” he said.

Both of Malysa’s children have now been placed in the custody of relatives. It is unclear if the children have fathers involved in their lives. It’s frightening to think of the kinds of things the children might have had to endure if the smart relative didn’t check up on them.

Malysa may be appealing the judge’s sentence, but at this time her attorneys have not filed an appeal.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: WFMJ, Facebook, Santeri Viinamäki/Wikimedia, YouTube

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