Mom Slammed For Sexualizing Her Child By Putting Him In Drag Shows

A young boy has been getting a lot of attention and praise for his talents and may have a future career in the making.

Considering the boy is 9 years old, though, and that his talents involve performing at drag shows, some people feel that it's not appropriate for him to be working in an adult entertainment industry. The mother has gotten both criticism and praise for encouraging her son to nurture his talents and shoot for the stars.

Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden started performing in drag at the age of seven, with much encouragement from his mother, Jessica. She says her son, now nine, adopted his alter-ego, 'Lactatia', two years ago when he began to admire Ru Paul. Now, the boy routinely goes on tour with drag queen shows.

He told Elle.com he started wearing his sister's tutus by the time he was three or four, and he thinks this is the life for him.

"I think I've had Lactatia inside of me since I was born," he explains. "And that's why I love that song Born This Way."

He says that dressing in drag makes him 'feel very happy, like I am accepted'.

"We just want our kids to express themselves however they see fit," Jessica says.

When he first saw Ru Paul's Drag Race, he became enamored with the idea of being a drag queen. He never realized that dressing up and performing was something considered a career, or a job form, and he says he got very excited. He felt he needed to do this 'right this second'.

With his mother’s help and encouragement, he did. His mom paints his face up like a canvas, puts on his wig and helps him match his heels to his dresses. The young man takes vogue lessons and practices strutting his stuff on a regular basis.

Bianca del Rio first featured Lactatia on her Werq the World tour earlier this year, and the child became an overnight sensation in the drag world.

A lot of people don't think it's appropriate for a 9-year-old boy to perform in adult drag queen shows.

"Disgusting that children that young are being sexualized by their parents, it's not right!" tweeted one person.

"As usual it's more about the mother than the kid," said another.

"There is a massive difference between dressing up and this. Is the child a 'canvas' for their make-up artistry?!" one angry twitter asked.

"I have no problem with him being a drag queen....but the mum seems more excited than the child," one person noted.

"Not sure how much that little boy is expressing himself or living out his mum's frustrated ambitions," said another.

It's not all hate and criticism. Lactatia has big fans, too.

"Well I love that little boy, fair play to parents for allowing him to be himself!"

"Boys should be allowed to do whatever they (expletive) want as long as they're not hurting anyone (which Lactatia is not),” said another.

Nemis says he really hopes that Lactatia will be with him for life, and that he’ll always be a drag queen. Some think he’s too young to really know what he wants, but for now he’s pretty happy.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: This Morning

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