Mom Told Nurse She Had Postpartum Depression, So Nurse Called Police On Her

Postpartum depression is a common affliction that affects one in eight women after giving birth. The condition is due to the sudden fluctuation in hormone levels that leads to chemical changes in the brain.

For most women, the condition will make them feel sad or anxious, but with treatment many will get through the difficult time. One nurse practitioner jumped the gun when a mom revealed she was struggling and called police on her.

New mom Jessica Porten shared her experience on Facebook. The traumatic ordeal only illustrates why many women are afraid to come forward and admit that they are struggling with emotional issues after having a baby.

Porten believes the nurse jumped the gun in the way she handled the situation.

"A nurse practitioner comes in (one I don’t particularly care for) and I tell her everything my husband told them when he scheduled me the appointment a week ago," Porten says.

"That I have postpartum depression that is manifesting in fits of anger, and I want to discuss my medication options. I tell them I have a very strong support system at home, so although I would never hurt myself or my baby, I’m having violent thoughts and I need medication and therapy to get through this."

Porten says the nurse didn't discuss the condition or treatment. She just finished the exam and left the room.

Instead of bringing a doctor in to examine Porten, though, she brought police.

"They called the f--king cops on me," Porten complains.

"They had a staff member sit with me for over an hour waiting for the police to arrive. The cops show up and we’re trying to figure out the logistics of how they’re going to escort me to the ER because I have Kira and her car seat."

According to Porten, the cops could tell she was of sound mind, but they had to follow orders and bring her to the hospital. They allowed her to drive there with a police escort.

At the ER, she was detained while they drew blood. A security guard was stationed to sit with her while they waited for her husband to arrive.

Even when he did, she was held for nearly eight hours until a social worker was sent to talk to her.

The social worker decided Porten didn't need to be on psychiatric hold, and sent the mom home with a list of resources.

"I leave the ER at midnight, my spirit more broken than ever, no medication, no follow up appointment, never spoke to a doctor," Porten complained.

"This was a 10-hour ordeal that I had to go through all while caring for my infant that I had with me. And that’s it."

"That’s what I got for telling my OB that I have PPD and I need help. I was treated like a criminal and then discharged with nothing but a stack of Xeroxed printouts with phone numbers on them."

The young mom isn't threatening legal action, but she's been left unnerved and isn't sure where to go from here.

"I’m still processing all of the emotions that are coming with being treated this way. I’m not exactly sure what to do here."

"I will say I am deeply hurt and upset, and above all angry and disgusted and disappointed by how this whole thing went down," she said.

In the aftermath of the incident, Porten found herself inspired to work with the advocacy group '2020 Mom'. The nonprofit group is introducing four bills in California that they hope will improve treatment for women after childbirth.

Source: PopSugar
Photo: Jessica Porten/Facebook

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