Mom Tries To Make Cookies For Son's Birthday - Husband Notices Awkward Shape

For some parents, the big trend is huge, extravagant parties with ponies, magicians and cakes worthy of a wedding. Not everyone is interested in spending thousands of dollars and months of planning for a child's birthday. Some parents prefer to just keep birthdays low-key and fun for all. But just because your party is low-key, that doesn't mean you should ignore the details. If you don't watch it, you can make an embarrassing mistake.

One mom was planning her son's birthday and decided to bake some cookies. She baked cookies in the shape of the number '1' to celebrate his first birthday. She rolled out the dough and carefully cut out the number, then baked the treats. When they came out of the oven, she smeared them with a blue glaze. She thought they looked festive and delicious.

Then, her husband came in and pointed something out that the mother had overlooked. “I don't think they came out right," the dad said, as he explains the story in a Reddit post.

The user, Portugalpaul, posted a photo of the cookies so that Reddit readers could see what he meant. "My wife made '1' cookies for our 1 year olds birthday. I don't think they came out right," he reiterated in the caption.

The cookies look like a field of blue-frosted phallus symbols. Unfortunately, as the cookies heated in the oven and the dough spread slightly, the '1' started getting a little more rounded.

A lot of Reddit users had a good laugh over the cookie shapes. Others weren't so sure it was an issue.

Some comments pouring in pointed out that children at a first birthday would never see a penis in the numbers. They'll just see it for what it is.

Others suggested that the cookies were not a waste, but a little fixing can help them look less like genitals. “She should outline or literally just draw the number 1 on each," one commenter suggested. "Or leave it for something the adults can laugh about because the kids won't care.”

Some complained that Portugalpaul had a dirty mind. They didn't see anything naughty at all about the cookies.

“Well technically those cookies are still '1' cookies. We should stop associating everything with genitals,” said one person.

“Wait, they look like genitals? I don't see it," said another.

“Technically, they do look like '1's. We're all just overly perverted,” responded someone else.

It all comes down to how offended the family thinks their guests would be. If their guests have dirty minds and love a raunchy joke, they might get a kick out of the goof. If their friends are always looking for something to complain about, this will give them something. If their guests have clean minds, they might not even notice it. No matter what the issue, the mom’s heart was in the right place, and the cookies do somewhat still resemble a number. There’s no need to let a good batch of cookies go to waste.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: YouTube, Portugalpaul/Reddit

The amusing mistake.

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