Mother Fights To Have Baby's Coffin Exhumed - Paralyzed When She Sees What's Inside

A woman has been fighting to learn the truth about what happened to her baby.

Lydia Reid gave birth to her son, Gary, in 1975, but things quickly went wrong. At first, the hospital attempted to give her a different baby, but she insisted that she could tell - it wasn't her son. On July 3, at the age of 7 days, Reid was told that Gary passed away.

The mother wanted to give her baby a proper burial, but from the start she suspected something was wrong. She suspected that her son's body was not in the coffin.

“The coffin was light. I knew the weight of a baby. My son was not there. Again, nobody believed me,” Reid said in an interview with the BBC. The grieving mother just wouldn't let it go, and began pursuing the issue for the next 42 years.

What Reid discovered was that the National Health Services in Scotland was retaining infant organs between 1970 and the year 2000. As many as 6,000 organs and tissue samples were illegally kept from children by Scottish hospitals.

For decades, Reid fought for her son's body to be exhumed to prove that some, if not all, of his body was illegally taken by health care providers. A judge finally granted Reid the exhumation. Sure enough, when the coffin was opened, there were no remains inside. No one had ever been buried in the coffin.

The coffin contained Gary's nameplate, with the name incorrectly spelled 'Garry'. It also contained a shawl, hat, and cross. These were all things Gary was meant to be buried in, but there was no body. There was no trace of human remains.

In addition, the expert who exhumed the coffin said that there was no trace that there were ever human remains decomposing in the small coffin. “Ultimately there is only one possible logical explanation and that is that the body was not put in that coffin,” he concluded.

Gary was just one victim among many, and Reid believed it was wrong. She's outraged, and is demanding to know what happened to her son.

“I wanted to prove the fact that he wasn’t there. Until I could prove that he wasn’t there I could not fight to find him. I wanted to be wrong. I wanted to be called a stupid old woman but the minute Sue lifted the shawl out of the ground I knew there was nothing in it," she said.

Even though Reid suspected this would be the outcome of the exhumation, it still shook her to learn she was right. “My heart hit my feet and I did not know what to say. It is devastating to know that all years I have been coming here to honor my son and he’s not been here," she said. “He is my son and he deserves the respect of a proper burial.”

Reid believes someone out there knows what happened to Gary, and she only wants answers. “Even if he has been incinerated I want to know. Even if he is lying in a jar in a hospital somewhere I want to know. If it is possible to get my son back, I want my son back," she said. “If it is not possible then at least tell me and let me have peace.”

Source: The Sun, Independent
Photo: BBC

They found clothing, but no remains.

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