Mother Gives Birth, Then Is Killed In Horrific Elevator Accident

One young mother gave birth to her third child in a hospital in Spain, and it looked like she and the baby were just fine; then, an unthinkable accident occurred, and it cost the woman her life. Her horrified husband says something needs to be done about this.

Rocío Cortés Núñez, a 25-year-old woman in Our Lady of Valme hospital in Seville, had just woken up from a C-section. The surgery was a success and she and her newborn seemed to be doing fine.

The family was thrilled, and it looked like it was time to celebrate a healthy birth.

Unfortunately, a celebration was not to be. An unthinkable tragedy struck so suddenly that the hospital staff and woman’s family were left completely horrified.

Núñez was still groggy from her C-section, but the doctor decided she was in good enough condition to return to her room. She was still laying on a gurney when hospital personnel arrived to transport her to another floor.

The staff members brought her into an elevator, but the elevator didn’t appear to be working. They fiddled with it, but it didn’t seem to want to move.

The staff finally gave up on that elevator and decided they would move the patient into a different one. They began wheeling her back out of the broken elevator, and when they had her just halfway out, that’s when its wheels began turning and it lurched into motion.

Staff members couldn’t get Núñez fully in or fully out of the elevator in time. The doors clamped down near the mother’s head as the elevator began to rise.

The stunned staff struggled but there was nothing they could do. The elevator was rising quickly, and the mother was stuck.

The employees weren’t able to get Núñez to safety in time. The doors closed on her head, and she was trapped.

People, including her husband, heard a 'loud blow', screams, then silence.

Núñez had been cut in half by the elevator accident and was crushed to death.

Hospital staff rushed to help, but there was nothing that could be done. The woman was dead.

Firefighters were called to the scene to try and help free the body. It took them two hours before they were able to get the woman’s remains out of the scene of the accident.

Jose Gaspar, who had been married to Núñez for four years, is still in shock that his wife is gone.

“This cannot end like this. This time it has been Rocio but tomorrow it could be another person."

"I’m a total wreck.’”

The victim's mother says she is also devastated. She didn't know what was going on and the hospital staff were not forthcoming with the terrible news.

“My heart missed a beat. I asked after my daughter, but no-one was telling me anything," said her mother.

“She had given birth at 11 in the morning, so I went to the information desk. They told me there a young girl had died and then confirmed it was my daughter."

"What a cruel death she’s suffered," she said.

Thankfully, the baby was not on the stretcher with the mother, and the infant is fine and will be able to go home with family soon. Núñez and Gaspar had two other daughters, a three-year-old and a four-year-old, who are now motherless due to the senseless accident.

Regional Health Minister Marina Alvarez says it was an 'unusual and tragic' accident. The Minister says that the same elevator had just passed a safety test earlier that month.

The hospital has launched an investigation into the matter.

Source: AWM, NY Daily News
Photo: Facebook, YouTube

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