Nevada Mom Charged With Scam Claiming Son Had Terminal Illness

A mom from Nevada is facing charges today for falsely claiming her 10-year-old son had a terminal illness and died to solicit gifts and money from sympathizers. The incredibly cruel and selfish mom actually told the boy during the scam that he was dying from leukemia, a prosecutor noted in court last week.

It seems that the alleged scamming mom, Victoria Morrison, 31, faked the boy’s illness for months and then even faked his death, including a fake memorial service, according to law enforcement authorities.

Note that gifts to Morrison and her “dying” son included a shopping spree with EMS Carson City, a helicopter ride for the boy, gift cards and thousands in cash, based on a recently filed criminal complaint.

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong also alleged that Morrison also illegally raised around $2,000 through GoFundMe account.

Morrison was initially charged with obtaining money by false pretenses last Friday at a motel, the sheriff stated. Furlong also noted that the boy and three other children were taken into the custody of state protective services.

One more charge of child abuse was made against Morrison because “the information I have is that Mom falsely told him he was dying of leukemia,” Carson City Assistant District Attorney Melanie Brantingham commented in an interview with the media.

Morrison was jailed and given a $20,000 bond. Also of note, a public defender was appointed to represent her.

Note that if she is convicted of both charges, Morrison could be looking at 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Furlong said Morrison’s son was actually diagnosed with a treatable childhood illness over a year ago.

“But she used embellished medical information to convince the child, the schools and the public that he was terminally ill,” Furlong noted. The boy was withdrawn from school for months.

Morrison wrote on her social media accounts that her “world fell apart” when she found out “my baby” had leukemia. Note that the post has since been taken down.

Morrison wrote that her son “made a list of things he wants to do before he gets (too) sick, now it’s my job to help him do just that”.

“But I’m a single mom to three other kids and work. So please if you have a spare dollar help me help my son wishes and dreams come true," she said.

Sheriff Furlong also pointed out that the scam continued to grow over the last month as “Morrison informed everyone, primarily through social media, that her son had died and his body had been cremated.”

The sheriff also highlighted that a made up memorial service was held earlier this month.

Also of note, investigators are working to find out if other people were involved or knew the boy was alive while his mother alleged he had died.

A GoFundMe spokesperson noted that Morrison has been banned from the site and that contributions made will be refunded to donors.

The spokesperson continued to say that scammers on the site were quite rare, but: “That said, there are unfortunate and rare instances where people create campaigns with the intention to take advantage of others’ generosity.”

Update: Morrison pleaded guilty to child neglect or endangerment causing substantial mental harm and was given a sentence of five years to 12.5 years in prison. Her son is no longer in her custody.

Source: Goodfullness, WREG, KOLO8
Photos: Victoria Morrison/Facebook

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