Pregnant Farm Mom Delivers Baby In Her Own Kitchen - Dad Thinks His Daughter Is A Boy

Even in the 21st Century, life on a farm is difficult in many ways.

Running a farm requires waking up early in the morning to take care of the morning chores such as milking cows or getting the seed in the ground before the rain comes. Many farmers also have to work late on a regular basis.

However, there are a few months out of the year during the offseason that most farmers only have to work a handful of hours a day. Other benefits of the farm lifestyle, of course, include lots of exercise and plenty of fresh, delicious seasonal foods on your kitchen table.

However, lack of easy access to medical care is one major downside of living on a rural farm.

Heather Lettow and her husband David found out firsthand what it means when you do not have quick access to a hospital for an urgent healthcare situation.

It seems that Heather was around 8 and a half months pregnant when she went into labor and gave birth to a baby daughter in the kitchen of their farm home.

“It was not supposed to happen that way!” Heather commented in an interview with local media.

Pregnancies are of course not completely predictable. Heather, in this case, was not actually due for two more weeks, but she woke up close to 4 in the morning with major contractions.

She immediately told David that she was going into labor and that they should head out for the hospital right now. Unfortunately, she only made it a couple of steps past her front door.

When she stepped outside, she had a major contraction and knew at that point it was too late to drive to the hospital. She turned around and went back inside and into the kitchen, and collapsed in a chair.

She sighed and told David to call 911.

David has delivered dozens and dozens of calves at his farm over the years, but he says that he was nowhere near prepared for this experience.

“She was standing in the kitchen with her mom helping her, and the head was already out,” David said, shaking his head.

A mere minute and two pushes later, his healthy new baby girl was born and poked her head, then her whole body out of her mother’s womb.

The good news is that the 911 operator assisted Heather and David through the delivery and made sure that mom and daughter were safe and sound until the EMS team arrived. The paramedics gave dad David had the honor of cutting the umbilical cord when they arrived around 10 minutes later.

This kind of birth far from a hospital is obviously a lot riskier, but Heather and David were fortunate enough to be able to safely deliver a healthy baby girl.

Check out this cute video of the rural birth, and you can see that David actually thought his daughter was a boy at first.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Fox 6

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