Pregnant Teen Shunned By Parents Finds Her Daughter After She Was Taken Away

Once a rising star and debutante in Philadelphia, Julie Mannix had her life turned upside when her parents locked her away in a mental institution.

In 1963, at just 19-years-old, Ms. Mannix found the love of her life, Frank Von Zerneck. However, Mr. Von Zerneck did not meet the high expectations of Ms. Mannix’s wealthy catholic family.

When Ms. Mannix’s parents were told that their daughter was pregnant, they immediately forced her into a mental institution in an attempt to have the baby aborted.

During a visit to the family gynecologist, the Mannix family’s doctor discovered that Ms. Mannix was pregnant. Rather than telling the young woman, the doctor immediately informed her parents, leaving Ms. Mannix shunned and shamed by her family.

Unable to give birth out of wedlock and unable to consider abortion, Ms. Mannix’s parents concocted a series of lies to hide their daughter’s pregnancy. Ms. Mannix was branded as ‘severely depressed’ before she was transported to a psychiatric facility where a legal abortion would be able to be performed.

Much to her parent’s disgust, Ms. Mannix refused to have the abortion. Ms. Mannix was not welcomed back to her family, so she was placed in a mental hospital for six months.

During this time, Mr. Von Zerneck had made every attempt to contact Ms. Mannix; however, all of his attempts were thwarted by Ms. Mannix’s parents. When she finally gave birth, she barely saw her newborn daughter for more than a minute before she was taken away to be adopted.

Heartbroken at the loss of her newborn daughter and the betrayal of her family, Ms. Mannix quickly left the mental hospital and moved to New York. Ms. Mannix went on to become a successful actress.

Ms. Mannix thought of her daughter, named Aimee, every day. When Ms. Mannix reconnected and married her true love, Mr. Von Zerneck, they both mourned the loss of their daughter, celebrating her birthday every year.

Ms. Mannix and Mr. Von Zenerck went on to have two other beautiful children; Danielle and Frank Junior.

Despite her best efforts, Ms. Mannix was never able to learn the fate of her newborn daughter after she left the mental institute, even after contacting Catholic Charities for information. It wasn’t until Aimee had grown up to have her own kids that it was possible for mother and daughter to reconnect.

After her birth, Aimee was adopted by loving family and was renamed Kathleen Marie Wisler. Both her adopted parents passed away during her childhood.

When Ms. Wisler had her own kids, she decided to reach out to her birth mother, hoping that her children would grow up with a grandmother in their lives. Ms. Wisler received her background information from the Catholic Social Services of Philadelphia from which she was directed to her mother’s page on the Internet Movie Database.

Ms. Wisler did not hesitate to reach out to her parents, writing them a letter that would change their lives forever. After the initial contact, Ms. Wisler and her birth parents began skyping every week.

“I never imagined I would feel like a daughter again,” Ms. Wisler confessed.

“Yet here I am, cherished by two strong and thoughtful parents who worry when my kids are sick and who call for no reason. I feel as though we have never been apart.”

Source: Little Things
Photo: YouTube

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