Singer Ciara Takes Baby On Toboggan

International superstar Ciara and her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, took a family trip to China recently and had quite an adventure. The singing sensation posted a video on Instagram showing them enjoying an exciting toboggan ride on the Great Wall of China.

Wilson was sitting on a cart with Ciara's three-year-old son, Future, and Ciara was wearing her new three-month-old baby, Sienna, in a baby carrier strapped to her chest.

The family looks like they're having a blast coasting along the track, viewing the breathless scenery.

"I wish I could put into words how fun this was! Going down in the toboggan at the #GreatWallOfChina with my family," the star wrote. "Unreal!"

But of course, no family can post pictures or videos of their fun without people on the internet jumping on to register complaints. The comment section quickly filled up with 'mommy shaming' posts. People slammed Ciara for bringing her baby along for the ride.

"Taking a baby on a Tobagon [sp]? Get a grip lady!" one commenter wrote.

"Too dangerous for the kids. One wrong move -and everyone goes over," said another.

"So irresponsible with an infant.... Dumb celebrities," said yet another mommy basher.

Some people expressed serious concerns, and were legitimately disappointed by Ciara's post.

"Why so desperate to do this with a baby?!The doctors tell you to wait at least till the baby is 6months old before traveling(flying) or doing any outdoor activities coz the baby's immune system ain't strong enough yet!" complained one poster.

"They're going over a super high bridge & down a mountain geezzz, doesn't matter how fast or slow they're going, there's absolutely nothing protecting them! it's really irresponsible and unsafe for a 3month old baby, never ever have I seen a mother do something like this, and they don't usually allow u to take a newborn baby on any type of ride! I was such a fan of yours Ciara.... until I saw this," the ranting fan lamented.

But for as many people as there were coming to bash Ciara's parenting skills, there were people rushing to defend her.

"Have you ever been on this slide? You've probably never even been to China. How are you passing judgement on something that you know nothing about. You sound crazy, as if you care more about Their child, than the Parents."

"You don't know what Ciara's doctor told her about traveling with her baby. She traveled with her son when he was an infant as well. Ciara don't need crazy judgmental fans like you, because you can never be a real fan if you think for 1 second that Ciara would put her children in harms way," argued another poster, coming to Ciara's defense.

One person pointed out that 'Chinese women ride this Wall every single day with their kids of all ages'.

"I saw it myself when I visited China," the commenter added.

"[G]lad you enjoyed yourself. Don't worry about what people say. Enjoy life they're jealous," one person said.

Source: Yahoo, Daily Mail
Photos: YouTube, Bravo Screenshot

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