Single Mom Waitress in Maine Says $500 Tip from Stranger “Saved Her Christmas”

Santa Claus is real! Although this may seem hard to believe, according to a hardworking single mom of four a stranger who must have been Santa Claus, and even looked a bit like the part, saved Christmas 2017 for her and her kids thanks to a $500 tip for a single meal.

Maine mother Trisha Murphy often puts in up to 60 hours a week at several jobs. One of these jobs is as a server at Denny’s, and it was here that she received an amazingly generous gift from a customer who truly understands the meaning of holiday spirit.

A resident of Sullivan, Maine, Murphy was ecstatic to receive the unbelievable tip and shared her delight with her customer’s generosity in a Facebook post.

Keep in mind that Murphy had been having a particularly stressful few days prior to the “big tip”. Local Maine media sources note that the hardworking single mom is also studying to become a certified nursing assistant.

It seems that Murphy had not even begun her Christmas shopping, she was running late to work and her car had just been towed, which hit her with a $735 bill to get it back.

“I went into work, racking my brain as to how I was going to pull this off,” Murphy remarked in her Facebook post that she was figuring she would have to pick up some extra shifts at the diner to pay for the bill.

However, that meant she would mean she’d have to find and pay for a babysitter to look after her children during the extra shifts

While on shift at Denny’s that day, despite her worries and bad mood, Murphy dutifully waited on a table of three men. The men started to ask her questions about her plans for the holidays.

She told the group of men that she had four young children, aged six, nine, 11 and 13, but that Christmas might not be so good this year due to towed car and her poor financial circumstances.

The oldest of the three men had white hair and a bit of a protruding belly, and he began to kid with Murphy that he could be her Santa Claus.

Then she gave him the bill for the meal, he told Murphy to come with him to the register while he was paying.

This seemed odd, since the hostess usually does this, but why not oblige the older gentleman, she thought.

“When he put his card in, he had a huge, ear to ear smile," Murphy explained in her FB post.

“The receipt printed and I almost collapsed! I looked up at this grungy looking man, my face as white as snow, and tears in my eyes."

“He just smiled again and said ‘merry Christmas dear’, and almost danced out of the restaurant.”

Murphy continued her post to point out that her personal Santa soon came back to double check on her and make sure she was okay.

“I don't know this man's name, but I hope he realizes that he literally saved Christmas for my children and I! Good people do still exist."

Source: Faith Tap
Photo: JeepersMedia, CBS News

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