Smart Wife Finds Loophole In Husband's Request To Be Buried With His Money

Versions of this story have been making the rounds for many years, even before the internet spread these funny little stories all across the globe for all to enjoy. Although the story is completely fictional, history is full of similar and even more selfish requests from rich and powerful men after their deaths. That said, you do have to admire the widow’s smarts in this particular version of the story.

Liked the old saw said: shared joy is a double joy!

It seems there was a man who had worked all of his life and has saved all of his money, and it was quite a lot of money by the time he got old.

However, the man was a serious cheapskate about his money, and it seemed that he loved his money more than just about anything, even his family.

Then one day, the money-loving man became sick. The doctors informed him that he only had maybe six months to live.

After getting the bad news about his terminal prognosis, the first thing the cheapskate man told his wife was, “Now listen, when I die I want you to take all my money and place it in the casket with me. Because I want to take all my money to the afterlife.”

Although she was hurt and disappointed, the wife agreed and promised to fulfill his wish even though now she would now face a life of poverty as a poor widow with no money.

A few months later, the husband died quietly in his sleep one night.

The funeral for the man was held at the local church where the couple attended services.

The money-loving man was laid out in the casket, and his wife was sitting in black next to their best friend. When the funeral service was complete and the guests had left, and just prior to getting ready to close the casket, the wife suddenly spoke up, “Wait a minute!”

The faithful wife pulled a shoe box out from under a chair, then she came over with the box and placed it gently in the casket. Then the undertaker staff secured the casket and took it away to be buried.

Her friend looked at the wife curiously and asked her, “So what was that shoe box?”

The widow met her gaze and replied, “Well, he told me he wanted to be buried with all his money, so I put it in there with him.”

The friend was aghast: “Are you crazy?! Why would you bury that cheap b*st*rd with all of his money?”

The good wife responded: “Yes, I promised him. I’m a good Christian, and I can’t lie. I promised him that I would put all the money in that casket with him.”

The friend gave her a funny look, “But wasn’t he rich, how did you manage to fit all that cash inside that one shoe box?”

“Well, that was a problem,” said the wife with a thoughtful expression on her face but a twinkle in her eye. “So I got it all together, deposited it into my account and then I wrote him a check that I put in the shoe box.”
Source: The Laugh Bible
Photo: The Laugh Bible, A Consicious Rethink

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