Tragedy Hits When Newly Engaged Pregnant Mom And Infant Son Are Killed By Drunk Driver

A young family were hit by a drunk driver who was fleeing the scene of another accident. The two cars crashed and burst into flame.

The drunk driver was pulled from the wreckage by witnesses, but a young, pregnant woman and her 7-month-old son perished in the crash. Her fiancé, who had just proposed to her, was devastated by the tremendous loss.

Jillian Ramsay, a 36-year-old woman of Loranger, Louisiana, was allegedly driving under the influence on Christmas Eve. She was making a cigarette run when she rear-ended a car at approximately 8:44 p.m.

Ramsay fled the scene of the accident, only to get into another, more serious crash. The other car contained Ryan McCollum Sr., his pregnant fiancé, 19-year-old Shelly Mulkey, and their son, 7-month-old Ryan McCollum Jr.

The family was driving home from a Christmas party at a relative's house when they were hit by Ramsay. One of the gas tanks were ruptured and the cars both went up in flames.

Bystanders managed to pull out Ryan Sr., Mulkey and Ramsay, but the flames engulfed the car before they could get the baby out. Someone administered CPR to Mulkey, but she didn't survive.

McCollum, the 24-year-old grieving father, was rushed to the hospital and treated for burns to his face and ears, and for leg injuries. He was unconscious until he arrived at the hospital, and that’s when he got the devastating news.

"I don't remember nothing until I woke up here," he said. "She was an awesome mama and an awesome friend… I just want to hold them both in my arms again so bad."

Ramsay only suffered minor injuries, but officers determined that she was impaired.

McCollum says he had just proposed to Mulkey hours before the crash. The two had been dating about four years and were raising their son together.

He just recently learned that weekend that Mulkey was pregnant again.

"I got a ring out and asked her to marry me. I got on one knee," McCollum recalled.

Mulkey had said yes and the two were looking toward a bright future together with their children.

Billy Mulkey, the pregnant girl's father, is devastated as well. The bereaved father and grandfather says the family is having a hard time holding together under the circumstances.

"We have all the presents - but they won't ever get to open them," he said.

"Her and that baby - that baby was amazing. He was so smart."

"He was amazing. He was always smiling and he was learning so fast," he continued, his voice breaking.

"This was his first Christmas. He had just seen Santa Claus."

He expresses hopes that Ramsay is punished to the full extent of the law. "That’s three lives she took from me," he said.

Mr. Mulkey also feels sorry for Ramsay. "That woman is going to have to live with that the rest of her life."

Ramsay was arrested at the hospital on Sunday night and has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, hit-and-run and careless operation. She's being held on $228,000 bail.

As of Wednesday, bail had not been posted.

Source: Inside Edition
Photo: YouTube

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