Trump Jr. Scrutinized On His Parenting Choices After Posting Pic To Twitter

First Son Donald Trump, Jr. shared a photo on Twitter of himself and his daughter, Chloe. He probably just meant to share a touching father-daughter moment captured in a selfie, but instead, he started a firestorm on Twitter. Mainly, the source of controversy is what Chloe Trump is holding: a bottle.

Trump Jr. probably didn't intent to initiate a heated parenting debate when he shared the photo. "Morning bottle time with Chloe. #familytime #weekend #daddysgirl #bottleservice," read the caption.

Apparently, the father of five was blissfully unaware that some equate giving a toddler a bottle to child abuse and neglect. At nearly three years old, Chloe should be weaned and using a cup, many argue.

"She's a little old for a bottle," Karen Mason tweeted in response.

"One year and off the bottle. Any pediatrician will tell you that," the same person insisted later in another tweet.

"Enchanting but far too old for a bottle, this will ruin her teeth," warned Twitter user and grandmother, Charlotte Priest.

Others were quick to point out that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to bottle weaning, and that people make too big deal about it.

"I honestly have never seen an age limits, guess you can always count on a lib to give an age limit and neg critique a cute picture," tweeted Brian Carter.

"Putting children on time tables of no longer being able to be children should be phased out," tweeted a user known as JB_Cali.

"Folks, IT's NOT ABOUT THE BOTTLE! It's about routine, bonding and LOVE. Obviously, none of you haters have this," responded suzy619.

The commenters proceeded to get into a big argument about sippy cups as well, whether they're as bad as a bottle and whether they should also be phased out immediately.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) doesn't say kids should have kicked the habit by age one, though they do recommend at the age of one parents begin the weaning process by introducing sippy cups.

"Getting your child to give up his bottle can be challenging, but the AAP recommends weaning before 18 months of age. Otherwise, prolonged bottle use can cause tooth decay and may encourage your child to drink much more milk than he needs," said the AAP.

Melissa Arca, a/k/a 'Dr. Mom', sent waves of debates through parenting circles by admitting that her nearly 2-year-old child still used the bottle in the morning and evening. She points out that kids can’t read the recommended guidelines in all the parenting textbooks, and thus don’t always act according to schedule.

Still, despite experts admitting the guidelines are flexible, this is a position on which many holier-than-thou parenting types love to take a smug and superior stand.

Source: IJR
Photo: Donald Trump Jr./Instagram

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