Woman In Odessa Gives Birth To Quintuplets

Multiple human births greater than twins are quite rare. Triplets are very rare and quadruplets almost unheard of except in cases where fertility drugs have been used.

However, lots and lots of babies are born all across the planet every year, and occasional large multiple births do occur, as the recent story below makes clear.

A married couple from the Ukraine found themselves in the mind-boggling position of having to prepare for and deal with five babies all at once. In interviews with the media after the amazing pregnancy, the couple admit that they expected to have a single child, just maybe twins, but never even in their wildest dreams did they consider they would be a one in 55 million shot with healthy quintuplets!.

The Facebook page for the family is named Odessa Five. On the page, mom Oksana Kobletskaya tells the story of how she attended her medical appointment for an ultrasound at 8 weeks.

At first, the doctor looking at the ultrasound scans assumed it was a routine case of twins, but then she took a closer look and was stunned at all the little bodies she saw.

The doctor and mom both were both stunned and happy when she counted the number of babies in Oksana’s belly. In fact, she said there were so many, she wouldn’t give the mother an exact number, but almost certainly between four and six.

Neither Oksana nor her husband have a lot of experience with kids, although her husband had a three-year-old daughter from an earlier marriage.

When she spoke to the media, Oksana said she was still having a hard time coming to terms with how she will raise that many children at the same time.

The 37-year-old mom also explained that her family had never even had twins in the past, so she had no idea how the multiple pregnancy came about.

Of interest, the quintuplets were delivered safe and sound by a team of 3 doctors and 5 nurses at 32 weeks old. Their names are Denis, Dariya, Vladislav, Oleksandra and David.

The good news is that the city of Odessa decided to celebrate the birth of the quintuplets by giving the couple a new apartment where the whole family can live comfortably.

Note that the largest multiple birth on record is nine children. This most recently happened in 1999, when a Malaysian woman gave birth to five boys and four girls.

The first occurrence was in 1971, when an Australian woman gave birth to the exact same number of boys and girls.

Note that cases where the woman is pregnant with over four babies mean much greater health risks for both the mother and all of the babies. The rate of death among quintuplets and greater birth numbers is very high, and keep in mind that the health of the mother is also at risk.

In most cases of a pregnancy greater than four, doctors will suggest a procedure called selective reduction to reduce the number of fetuses to four or two. While this is an extremely difficult decision, it is the decision that ensures both the mother and the children have the best odds of surviving.

Source: Newsner, Providr
Photo: Odessafive/Facebook

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