According To One Misleading Report, Melania Is Actually Saving Taxpayers Money

A private organization has been doing some unofficial bookkeeping for the White House, and has discovered that First Lady Melania Trump is saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Forbes has also pointed out that President Donald Trump's budget has led to a 'leaner White House payroll' that is saving taxpayers millions.


Unfortunately, these reports do not take into account what the Trumps have cost taxpayers.

According to 'Open the Books', a government spending tracking organization, Melania Trump has saved a lot of money by having a much smaller staff than her predecessors. Former First Lady Michelle Obama had an exorbitant staff of 24 people in 2009.

Mrs. Obama took a lot of heat for her inflated staff, which included multiple planners, directors, schedulers and social media secretaries.

Laura Bush had 18 staffers, which is fairly average for a FLOTUS. Melania Trump, however, has managed with far fewer, with a staff of five.


Another way that the Trumps are saving money for the taxpayers is that they're not taking salaries. The president, his son-in-law and aide Jared Kushner, and his working First Daughter Ivanka Trump are not taking salaries. Trump's salary alone is a savings of $16 million over a 4-year term.

Forbes goes on to list that Trump has 110 fewer staffers than Obama and is saving $5.1 million in payroll payouts.

Obama had been slammed for hiring 'czars' for special initiatives. Forbes reports not a single 'czar' being hired under Trump.

All in all, the Trumps have saved America some $22 million in just the first six months in office. That sounds like a lot, but unfortunately, the Trumps are actually making up for it in other areas.

For one thing, there are Trump's weekend trips to Mar-A-Lago, which he calls 'working weekends'. He may be working, but every trip (eight so far) cost the taxpayers more than $3 million. So far, Trump has spent an estimated $26 million in tax dollars at Mar-A-Lago.


Trump, who also criticized former President Obama for his occasional golf weekends, has now taken in more golf games in six months than Obama did in eight years.

On top of that, the FLOTUS and her son, Barron Trump, remained in New York City for almost six months into the president's first term. It is estimated that it cost approximately $150,000 per day in security costs so that Mrs. Trump could remain in the couple's lavish penthouse.
Estimates say it cost the taxpayer more than $23 million for her to remain in New York until the end of the school year - a hefty price just so an 11-year-old could finish out the year on his soccer team.


With all the numbers crunched, the Trumps have saved taxpayers $22 million, but have cost taxpayers (in an extremely conservative estimate) more than $50 million. After doing the math, it doesn’t really look like taxpayers have anything to jump up and down about.

The Trumps might be cutting corners here and there, but their unapologetically lavish lifestyles more than make up for it.

Source: Inquisitr
Photos: YouTube, White House, Department Of Defense, Gage Skidmore

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