Trump And Obama's Interactions With Their Children Provide Clues To Leadership Style

Since President Donald Trump entered office, a ton of parallels have been drawn between him and his predecessor. It’s quite clear that Trump and former President Barack Obama have a different approach to things, and that’s led to a debate over which style is actually the best for the future of our nation.

Both men have a relatively equal number of supporters and detractors, and answers to which one is best suited for the job tends to fall along party lines. Despite that, there remains a ton of digging for clues to support the various arguments of which man is the better leader.

Trump supporters will point to his firmness and common sense approach to bolster their arguments, while detractors constantly howl that he’s an out of control man that is decidedly unpresidential. For Obama, there are similar pros and cons offered up by supporters and detractors.

On the one hand, we have an incredibly inspirational speaker that has a gift for painting a picture of hope, but his actual actions point to a leader that may not be all that confident in his decisions.

As Elite Daily shares, there have even been some observers that have pointed to the relationships that both men seemingly share with their children as evidence to support their arguments. Yes, this is really happening.

Supporters of Obama note that family photos of the former First Family seem to be rather joy-filled, while photos of the Trump clan tend to come across as stiff and business-like.

Quite simply, photos don’t tell the whole story. For anyone that has ever heard either man speak about their own children, it’s pretty tough not to walk away with the impression that their kids are everything to them.

Are there differences in how they express themselves on the affection front? Absolutely.

Trump’s children - with the exception of Barron - are much older than Malia and Sasha Obama. It’s a perfectly natural evolution to have the parent-child relationship morph into a hands-off relationship.

The parent is still there to provide guidance, love, advice, and support, but the days of mom and dad knowing best may be a thing of the past as far as the kids are concerned once they get to a certain age. That doesn’t mean that there still can’t be an indelible bond between the parents and children in these situations.

In fact, the bond can get even stronger as the child grows and begins to realize the full potential that you have done your best to help them achieve.

Nonetheless, there are Trump critics out there that suggest that the seemingly jovial atmosphere in Obama family photos means he’s a fantastic dad and a great president as a result of that. While that’s a nice sentiment and all, it’s also a bit on the absurd side to read that much into a posed photo.

We can say the same about the snark that’s thrown around in regards to Trump’s seemingly hands-off approach in the affection department when it comes to his kids: we have no idea what things are like for the family behind closed doors.

Regardless, it’s quite clear that both men put a ton of stock into being the best father that they possibly can be. In a perfect world, that fact would be held completely separate from debates over which one may be the better leader.

Source: Elite Daily
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter

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