Former Cop Sentenced To 15 Years For Shooting Daughter's Boyfriend

A 57-year-old ex-cop was convicted of first-degree manslaughter for shooting his daughter's boyfriend in 2014. The white ex-cop shot the young black man in a confrontation after the then-officer had a fallout with his own daughter.

He's been sentenced to 15 years.

Shannon Kelper was convicted finally for the death of 19-year-old Jeremy Lake in his fourth trial after three hung juries. The jury recommended the 57-year-old ex-police officer be sentenced to 15 years.

The judge agreed with the 15-year sentence and, in addition, ordered Kelper to pay a $10,000 fine.

Kelper claims he shot Lake in self-defense. The officer and his 18-year-old daughter, Lisa Kelper, had a fallout about a week earlier because the teen was out of control. Kelper says his daughter ran away from home and he went to coax her to come back.

She was with Lake at the time, her new boyfriend. When Lake and Kelper were left alone, the dad says the young man was drawing a gun. He claims he fired at Lake in self-defense.

Lisa says she didn't run away; her father became angry at her and kicked her out of the house. He dropped her off at a homeless shelter, where she met Lake. Lake worked at the shelter and felt that the young girl was vulnerable there. He invited her to live with him and his aunt.

Lisa moved in with Lake’s family, and she changed her relationship status on Facebook to note that she was in a relationship with Lake. Kelper found out on social media that his daughter was dating and living with the young man and showed up to confront his daughter.

Lisa says she was heading into the house when she heard gunshots. When she came back, Lake was on the ground and her father was driving off.

Several witnesses testified that Lake had no weapon, and no gun was found by police in the area. Some say Lake was merely trying to introduce himself to the father.

Kelper was off duty at the time of the shooting. He got heat for not calling 911 to report the shooting, for not giving Lake any medical attention. As a trained officer, if he had shot a suspect in self-defense, he should have handled the situation differently, his critics argued.

He turned himself in two hours after the shooting.

Many civil rights activists criticized Kelper's lawyers for trying to exclude black jurors from the trials. This resulted in three hung juries. According to prosecutors, the reason it took so long to get a conviction is that 'many citizens are reluctant to send a law enforcement officer to prison'.

The defense attorney feels that his client was given a raw deal after so many trials. “If the government is going to prosecute you four times in a row, the odds of you being convicted go up,” he explained to the Washington Post.

"They argued racism without a shred of evidence ... [The judge] was biased from the beginning. I know that sounds like sour grapes, but it’s the truth.”

Source: HuffPost
Photo: KTUL, YouTube

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