Halle Berry Reveals Truth About Malia Obama Working For Her - Says She Had One Problem

In general, being the boss of a child of a powerful parent carries with it the potential for some awkward instances. An example of that would be being in charge of the child of a CEO or founder of the company you work for.

Kids that follow in their parents' footsteps tend to work their way up the ranks - so to speak - by spending time in each department. Specific department heads can find it tough to treat the kid/employee the same as they would treat others that report to them.

When the parent and child in question are grounded folks, those fears are completely unfounded. Parents know that the kid has a lot of learning to do, and a child that has had values instilled in them knows that there’s no free rides in life.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, families that are not as grounded can lead to nightmare scenarios. The child can come in and act like they’re god’s gift to whatever the task at hand is, while the oblivious parent turns a blind eye.

Now suppose that situation plays out in a bit of a different fashion. The parents of the child you’re tasked with supervising are in a different line of work entirely, but they just so happen to be two of the most powerful people in the world.

Those same fears as in the above scenario will undoubtedly creep in. That’s the situation Halle Berry found herself in.

As the Huffington Post shares, Malia Obama served as a production assistant for her back in 2014.

Thankfully, everything turned out just fine.

“To her credit, she tried really hard to be” a normal PA, Berry explained during an interview on “Watch What Happens Live” with host Andy Cohen.

It sounds like there was absolutely nothing for Berry to be nervous about either. Malia came ready to work, and that’s a credit to both her and her parents.

“She was fantastic. She was amazing," she said.

"She is such a smart, beautiful young woman. Look at who her mother and her father are, so, duh!” Berry added.

“She was down to do whatever a PA is asked to do. I had wild respect for her for that.”

Berry has made no secret of her admiration for the Obama family, and she was a fierce advocate during election season.

“During the 2008 presidential campaign, Berry was photographed wearing a 'Barack the Vote' shirt while running errands,” HuffPo shares. “She also once admitted to the Philadelphia Daily News that she’d do 'whatever he says to do,' adding, 'I’ll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.'”

She also captured some attention on social media lately for expressing her admiration in unique fashion.

“In honor of the strongest, most fierce woman there ever was... Repping @MichelleObama to the NY premiere of #KidnapMovie tonight,” Berry captioned a snap of herself. She was wearing a shirt dress that featured first lady Michelle Obama’s face.

Source: HuffPost
Photo: YouTube

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