Melania's Former Roommate Dishes About How She Wanted To Be Like Sophia Loren

Melania Trump is an introvert, and usually shies away from the limelight. This may seem contradictory behavior for a former fashion model, but the Slovenian beauty has always preferred to be seen than heard.

She's rarely given interviews, especially since becoming FLOTUS, but if anyone knows her it's her former roommate. The roommate shared some inside knowledge about Melania in an interview with Inside Edition.

Victoria Silvstedt and Melania were both models who roomed together back in the early 1990s. The two ambitious women were determined to make it to the top of the industry, and shared a sixth-floor walk-up apartment in Paris.

According to Silvstedt, it was a great way for the two of them to keep in shape.

“We had staircases — no elevators — so we had to run up and down the stairs quite a lot," she said. "As a model, you gotta to keep active."

Silvstedt was born in Sweden, and she and Melania both felt Paris was the place to be for their fashion careers at the time. Their apartment was in a trendy area right near Notre Dame, and the two young women were living the dream.

In the late 1990s, both women moved to New York. Silvstedt went on to model for Playboy Magazine and was dubbed 'Playmate of the Year'.

She became the face of Guess Jeans after that.

Melania, not to be outdone, went on to meet and marry Trump, give birth to a son, and then became First Lady.

Silvstedt claims the two got along together well. Melania was 'the perfect roommate'. Her friend recalls that the FLOTUS was 'clean, neat domestic'.

"I don't think I could have asked for a better roommate, actually," she adds.

"Whatever goes [on] around her, she is calm," she said. "She has class."

The young and beautiful women were largely homebodies, she recalls. They weren't big on going out to fancy restaurants.

They mostly cooked at home and made simple dishes. Tuna salad was apparently a favorite.

They also both idolized the iconic Italian actress, Sophia Loren. "One day I would like to be like Sophia Loren," Melania once told Silvstedt.

"Obviously she was her style icon," the model added.

Silvstedt says it's 'kind of surreal' that her former roommate is now the First Lady of the U.S., but she thinks Melania has been doing 'a great job'.

“She was my roommate — it's cool," she said. "She's the first lady."

"That's America. Anything is possible in America, right?"

Silvstedt does think that the FLOTUS has gotten some unfair criticism. Much of that criticism came when Trump first took office.

Melania’s speechwriter gave her a speech that plagiarized her predecessor’s speech, and she got a lot of flak for that. Melania then sparked outrage when she opted to remain in New York City for months after her husband’s inauguration.

The security costs were exorbitant for taxpayers, but the mother insisted that staying in New York to let her son Barron finish out his term was best for him. Many people came to her defense, also, claiming that she has a right to make decisions for herself and shouldn’t be bullied into moving to D.C. just because of her husband’s career choices.

Overall, though, it looks like the First Lady is prevailing. Her approval ratings have been soaring since she finally left New York and took up residence in the White House with Donald Trump.

The majority of Americans now view her favorably and approve of the job she's doing.

Source: Inside Edition
Photo: Inside Edition

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