Melania Has Never Been Very Social, According To Her Former Roommate

Melania Trump didn't seem to jump into the limelight like her attention-seeking husband did during the 2016 election. She showed up at merely a few campaign events, but for the most part she didn't seem to like being the center of attention.

Apparently, that wasn't a fluke.

When Trump won the election and began his first term, many were perplexed by Mrs. Trump's slow start out of the gate in fulfilling her role as FLOTUS. She didn't even move to the White House for another six months, and made relatively few appearances.

The anti-bullying platform she had announced months earlier was seemingly forgotten.

According to Melania's former roommate, this didn't come as a surprise to those who knew her. Melania, she said, never liked to get out much, reports Page Six.

Victoria Silvstedt, the stunning Swedish model and Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 1997, says she and Melania shared an apartment early in their modeling careers. They were living in Paris, and Silvstedt was making the most of it.

She was constantly heading from one party to the next. Melania, she said, was more of a homebody even back then.

“She never wanted the attention. She was always very quiet,” Silvstedt told an anonymous source at a hotel in Florida, according to Page Six.

“Melania still has her accent because she doesn’t socialize enough to get rid of it.”

Silvstedt remembers how dedicated the two young women were when they were first breaking into the modeling industry. “When we used to eat fancy meals, we would run up and down the stairs of our building to work it off,” she said.

Many may not expect a beautiful woman who had a successful career as a high-fashion model to be so withdrawn, but apparently this is the case. Melania began modeling at the young age of sixteen, and she showed off a lot of skin so it's hard to think of her as being shy.

But the First Lady is reportedly an introvert by nature, and that is why she doesn’t seem as happy in the public eye as President Trump.

Many believe that Mrs. Trump is miserable in her role because she often looks nervous and unhappy at big public events. But being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean being unhappy; though it’s understandable how an introvert might not be very happy when they’re thrust out in front of millions of eyes and cameras.

Melania seems to be settling into her role, slowly but surely. She’s been at her best during functions in which she has played hostess or meeting with people one on one, be they world leaders or hurricane survivors.

She’s also been most comfortable and relaxed-looking when working directly with children. This isn’t surprising, considering how much she’s always seemed to enjoy the role of motherhood and how hands-on she is with her 11-year-old son, Barron Trump.

Still, it’s unlikely Melania is going to come out anytime soon and be the life of the party. That seems to be the role her husband prefers.

Source: Page Six
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube

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