Michelle Obama Gives Good Advice That Seems To Be Aimed At President Donald Trump

You can always rely on former First Lady Michelle Obama for words of wisdom. At almost every speaking engagement, Mrs. Obama departs advice that could improve just about anyone's life, and could, if implemented on a grand scale, make the world a better place.

She recently attended an event in Canada where she did it again. And while she didn't mention President Donald Trump by name, it seemed pretty clear that these words of wisdom were tailored especially for the POTUS.

Michelle was speaking at a sold-out event in Toronto hosted by Canadian First Lady Sophie Trudeau. Mrs. Obama gave a great bit of advice, and Trump should take a note.

Obama said that it's not a good idea to tweet from bed. First thing in the morning if you've rambled off the first thought in your head that day, you might want to step back and wait before clicking the 'send' button.

"You don’t just say what’s on your mind, you don’t tweet every thought," Obama said. "You need to think, and spell it right, and have good grammar."

This advice could be priceless for the U.S., considering President Trump is constantly getting into trouble for his tweeting compulsion. He has come under fire more times that can be counted for putting his foot in his mouth.

Trump has said some horrific insults to people in Twitter wars that are far beyond what any rational adult would consider reasonable. He's called women 'pigs' and 'bimbos', and men 'clowns' and 'dummies', for example.

This is something that anyone above kindergarten age would consider crass and rude, even if you are embroiled in an argument.

Trump has used his Twitter account to wage war with the media, calling out any unflattering article about him or his job performance 'fake news'. He's also pushed forth a number of 'alternative facts' himself through Twitter.

His most recent early morning tweets have sparked an international event. Trump retweeted videos showing Muslim violence. The re-tweet was from an account of one of the most notorious alt-right hate groups in the world, and incites hatred toward Muslims.

The videos have been called out as staged, but Trump's own Press Secretary defended him by saying it 'didn't matter' if they were hoaxes.

The videos not only angered Muslims and liberal American politicians, but other world leaders around the globe. British Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the retweets, and blasted Trump for giving any credence to such an aggressively hateful political movement.

It was probably these Muslim videos that sparked Michelle’s comments. Mrs. Obama, as usual, played it cool when she brought up the topic. Though she didn't actually refer to the president, it was clear who she was talking about.

"What's up with you young people? This tweetin' and snapchattin... this is generationally something that I just don't understand," she said. "Would you take your journal, your diary and open it up in the center of the town square and let people just read it? Just come up and go 'Ooh, this is how you felt? About your mother?"

Hopefully, Trump is listening.

Source: AOL, Daily Mail
Photos: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia, U.S. Coast Guard/Petty Officer 3rd Class Casey Ranel, Chuck Kennedy/White House Photo, Donald Trump/Twitter

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