Models Busted Singing The N-Word Backstage At Fashion Show

A video taken at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is getting a lot of attention, but this time it's not for women modeling underwear. The models were caught backstage singing a hip-hop song that includes the N-word. The models were slammed for using the racial slur.

The models at the latest Victoria’s Secrets show in Shanghai, most of whom appear to be white, were entertaining themselves and getting pumped up backstage. They joined in singing Bodak Yellow, a song by rapper Cardi B. A short clip released online shows the women singing lyrics that include the N-word.

"I don't wanna choose /And I'm quick, cut a n--ga off, so don't get comfortable," read the lyrics to the chart-topping song.

Someone posted the video to Twitter on Tuesday under the account name 'Pop Crave'. Social media users went on the rampage when the white models used the offensive words in the song.

The video was traced back to the YouTube account of Karlie Kloss, a model who was in the show. It's unclear if she was singing, but she had posted the entire video of the girls singing online. Now looking at the video, the part with the N-word is cut out.

"There are too many nonblack people in this video for the N word to be that loud," said one Twitter user.

"Nah. That n-word was too loud and clear for there only to be one black girl in this room," said another.

"If you're not black, don't say the N word. Point. Blank. Period," said another.

Some Twitter users called for Victoria’s Secrets to fire the models who participated in the song. "Oh! I see they said the n-word so freely. They all gotta go," one commenter remarked.

Some noted that model Devon Windsor, who was dancing, closed her mouth when the N-word lyric came up. "The safe one is @DevWindsor," said a woman with a screenshot showing Windsor with her mouth shut.

Cardi B hasn't responded to the controversy, but she did retweet another person's post about the women using the N-word.

Victoria's Secrets hasn't commented yet on the incident. The lingerie company was slammed earlier this month after a white model in China imitated the Buddha by squinting her eyes.

The idea that white people should hold their tongues when singing rap and hip-hop tunes that use the N-word has been controversial. Most people of color tend to agree that it's offensive, even if the white person does love the song and the artist.

“Words don’t have a meaning without context,” said hip-hop artist Ta-Nehisi Coates.

"I had a good friend who had a cabin in upstate New York, which he referred to as the ‘white trash cabin,’” Coates explains. “He was white. I would never refer to that cabin, tell him ‘I’m coming to your white trash cabin’ ― and I think you understand why."

"The question one must ask is why so many white people have difficulty extending things that are basic laws of how human beings interact to black people,” he added, claiming that white privilege is behind the cluelessness.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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