Officers Go To Arrest Couple Having Sex In Public- Learn Why Woman Isn't Moving

A date wasn't going as well as one Las Vegas man hoped; the woman he was with died in the middle of the date. The man couldn't accept the idea that his chances of getting lucky were blown, so he began having sex with a corpse. Police caught him and arrested him.

Joseph G. Martinez was caught by police after reports came in that he was having sex with a dead woman. The encounter reportedly took place outside of a closed business in a large, concrete planter.

Las Vegas police arrived on Sunday at about 4:30 p.m. to the location, which is right near a church. They found Martinez and the dead woman.

The dead woman appears to have been homeless. She had no identification on her. Reports say she was 35 years old.

Martinez admitted to having sex with the woman, stating he met her the night before. She later passed away, and he took advantage of the situation.

A coroner determined that the woman died two to four hours before she was found. Police are investigating but Martinez isn't being named a suspect in her death as of yet.

Martinez was arrested, however, and is being charged with unlawful sexual penetration of a dead body. He's being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail.  

You might think death would be a major turn-off, but for some people it's not. One morgue worker in Ohio admitted to having sex with an estimated 100 corpses.

The attendant, 60-year-old Kenneth Douglas, says he worked the night shift in the morgue between 1976 and 1992. He says he routinely would drink or do drugs, then sexually abuse the cadavers of young women.

“I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down,” he said in a deposition.

Douglas was eventually convicted of sexually abusing just three corpses.  

Douglas's wife attempted to report her husband at the time to his supervisor, because the man would come home smelling like sex and booze. She was ignored, but in 2008 Douglas was found out because his semen was found on a murder victim.

Men aren't the only ones who have been caught having sex with dead bodies. A Kansas Missouri woman had sex with a male corpse, and even got pregnant from the encounter.

Jennifer Burrows, who was working as an assistant pathologist, was supposed to perform an autopsy on one body, but she had sex with him. Someone reported her to police, and it was discovered through a DNA test that her child was the child of the dead man. Burrows admitted to sexually abusing around 60 male corpses over the course of her career.

In court, a psychologist painted Burrows as a ‘compulsive necrophiliac’ who had lost touch with reality.

That sounds pretty plausible; you would think losing touch with reality is about the only way someone would be out of his or her mind enough to have sex with a corpse.

Source: Daily Mail, Review Journal
Photo: Las Vegas Review-Journal, Youtube, Katarzyna Białasiewicz/123RF Stock

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