Report: FLOTUS Has A 'Scandalous' Family Secret That's Flying Under The Radar

The word ‘scandal’ gets thrown around with abandon these days, and it can sometimes be pretty tough to sort through the noise to determine when it’s being used for actual monumental news and when it’s just being thrown around to churn up the rumor mill. For a quick test, we can look at the reactions of those that hear the story for the first time.

If there’s a furrowed brow involved, this just may be a real live scandal. If not, it’s a story that might be a little intriguing, but not necessarily one that’s of the scandalous variety.

Of course, it can be tough to distinguish between reactions in today’s day and age. There are some folks out there that subscribe to the theory that each and every somewhat interesting tidbit needs to be met with an over the top reaction that’s reminiscent of a scene from an off-Broadway play.

Such reactions are relatively common in our always-connected world, and certain members of the press also have a flair for the dramatic.

Think about it: how many times have you turned on the tube to catch up on the news and been greeted by a talking head that insists what they are talking about is the most monumental thing in the history of things that will surely lead us all on the path to destruction?

The answer is that it happens all the time, but we’re thankfully still standing in spite of the hyperbolic claims they make. Unfortunately, the theatrics aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s on the rest of us to apply the smell test whenever the word scandal gets thrown around.

As the Inquisitr shares, the word is being thrown around in regards to an under the radar story about First Lady Melania Trump, which alleges that she has a ‘scandalous secret.’

That certainly sounds intriguing, so what’s it all about? It turns out that she has an estranged half-brother that is not close to her or her family.

Yes, that’s it. Reports indicate that her father had a child with a girlfriend he was involved with prior to marrying the First Lady’s mother.

Ok, so that’s an interesting tidbit on the family tree of the First Lady of the United States, but is it really a scandalous piece of information? For completely rational, unbiased, and properly grounded observers, not even the slightest bit.

Ask yourself: what family out there does not have some kind of secret out there that is not necessarily public knowledge outside of the innermost circle? The answer would be not all that many.

For further confirmation that this story is not even the slightest bit scandalous, it’s rather common knowledge for those that have actually taken the time to study Melania’s life.

While she doesn’t have a relationship with her half-brother, it’s not a piece of information that was swept under the carpet and never to be spoken of. And if it was?

Call us crazy, but that kind of sounds like personal family business that is between herself, her parents, and the rest of her family.

In short, use caution whenever the word scandal gets thrown around. If the news causes you to raise your brow a bit, then there might be something there.

If you dig in and wonder what the heck everyone is getting so worked up about, it’s a good time to listen to that little voice.

Source: Inquisitr
Photo: Air Force, YouTube

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