Unexpected Announcement Made About Trayvon Martin

It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since the case of Trayvon Martin first entered the national consciousness. Back in 2012, the then-17-year-old was gunned down by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman as he was returning home from a convenience store in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman called the cops on Martin to report what he described as ‘suspicious behavior.’

An altercation would follow that phone call, and Martin was fatally gunned down. Zimmerman was charged with murder, but he was eventually acquitted. The case leapt into the national debate over race relations and racial profiling, and the debate continues to rage on. Fast forward to today, and Martin’s name is back in the news for positive reasons.

As the Atlantic shares, Florida Memorial University has announced that it will confer a posthumous degree on Marin at the school’s commencement ceremonies.

“The University will confer upon TRAYVON MARTIN a posthumous degree in Aeronautical Science with a concentration in Flight Education in honor of his love for planes and the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot, including his connection to Barrington Irving,” FMU announced in a statement.

“Of special significance is awarding posthumously the Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation to Trayvon Martin. Sybrina, our alum, epitomizes strength and dignity as she uplifts other victims of violence while effecting change for a more equal and just society,” said Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, president of Florida Memorial University.

The school’s release also provided an update on Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. Fulton is a previous graduate of FMU with a bachelor’s degree in English.

“Despite the intense struggle of losing a child, Fulton has become a role model to many by turning her grief into advocacy,” the announcement reads in part. “Remaining strong throughout the trial and ensuing months, she lends her voice to speak against violence towards children and the need to build better, safer communities for all."

“Despite his devastating loss, Martin was able to channel his immeasurable heartache into the immense strength needed to elicit positive change,” the release continues. “He now is fighting for the broad societal shift required to ensure that a similar incident never claims the life of another child.”

Fulton would take to social media to thank FMU for the recognition of her son.

“Thank You #FMU #TrayvonMartin will receive his Bachelors in Aviation ITNOJ Thank You Dr. Artis, the Board & staff #MySchoolFMU #MySun/Son,” she wrote.

The amount of grief and heartache that Martin’s family has had to deal with is unfathomable. Losing a child at such a young age in violent fashion is an absolute nightmare to begin with, but to have the case enter the national conversation makes it all the more heartbreaking.

If nothing else, the awesome gesture from FMU provides a small sense of solace for his parents and loved ones, at least for a little while. Sounds like his parents will not be letting his memory die in vain, and this is just another small piece of recognition to help drive that point home.

Source: The Atlantic
Photo: YouTube

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