Wedding Celebrant Charged After Police Discover What She Did To Wife

A wedding officiant is facing legal troubles for a wedding that she performed in 2015. A man tied the knot with his fiancé, who was dying of cancer. Unfortunately, the woman was unconscious during the ceremony, and died without ever waking up. She was never able to give consent to the marriage.

Diane Caratozzolo-Waddington solemnized the marriage in October of 2015. Caratozzolo-Waddington says she had met with the dying woman before, while the woman was conscious, and knew that the woman wanted to get married.

When the wedding finally rolled around and the bride was unconscious, Caratozzolo-Waddington went on with it anyway. The terminally ill bride never said 'I do', and apparently never even knew she tied the knot. The woman never woke up, and died not long after the nuptials were finalized.

According to Australian laws, this opens up a massive can of worms. To get married, individuals must express consent by using specific words, such as 'I do'. They must also understand exactly what the vow means. Unfortunately, because the bride was unconscious during the ceremony, it doesn't meet legal requirements.

Making matters worse, the groom signed the bride's name to the wedding papers.

According to wedding guests, Caratozzolo-Waddington carried on with the ceremony, and when it came time for the bride to say 'I do', the officiant said, "Oh, she can’t answer but I know she wanted to get married when I saw her before."

The Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants has never heard of a case like this before, noted the president of the organization, Anthony Burke. Caratozzolo-Waddington could lose her official status as a civil celebrant, and struck off the commonwealth registrar of marriage celebrants.

The job is taken very seriously. Some 60 percent of couples per year now use civil celebrants, noted Burke.

"We are governed by the law and that's what we need to uphold," said Burke, noting that there have never been any 'gray areas' when it comes to the terminally ill.

Burke is trying to get to the bottom of the situation, but Caratozzolo-Waddington has not been returning any calls.

"I have made contact with her, I don't have all the facts, it was more that I wanted to touch base with Diane just to offer support and let her know her association's there if she needed anything," Burke said to ABC radio.

This might not have been the strangest wedding ever, believe it or not. One man in Thailand married his dead girlfriend at her funeral. The couple had been talking about marriage, so after her sudden death in a car accident the boyfriend wanted to go through with the wedding. She was placed in a white dress, and he slipped an engagement ring, and then a wedding ring, on her finger.

Also in Thailand, a woman married her dead boyfriend after he died unexpectedly of a heart attack. The bride showed up to the funeral in her wedding gown and performed the marriage ceremony.

Yet another man in Thailand was so grief-stricken after the death of his girlfriend that he was determined to marry her posthumously. Unfortunately, the woman had already been cremated, but the bridegroom was not deterred. He married her ashes. The urn was squeezed into the wedding dress.

Of course, at these Thai weddings, no one actually officiated the marriage formally. They were largely symbolic.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Facebook

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