White House Visitors Disgusted By Photos Put Up Outside Lunchroom

A new series of pictures in the White House cafeteria has some diners losing their appetite. The portraits focus on, of all things, the president's hands.

In the past, the president has gotten quite defensive when it was noticed that his hands are rather small for his stature. The 'tiny hands' controversy has been revived thanks to the portraits. Some wonder if Trump is just having a hard time letting go.

A White House VIP told the New York Daily News that people visiting the 'White House mess' are guided down a hallway toward the cafeteria. Along the way, a series of large photos of Donald Trump's hands have been put on display.

Some are wondering if Trump is trying to prove once and for all that his hands aren't tiny by hanging larger-than-life portraits of them. In one portrait, the president's hands are stretched out and his fingertips are pressed together.

The hands are being reflected on the shiny table surface below.

“Maybe they wanted to make his point by blowing up the photo, but it does the complete opposite,” said the VIP. “It’s wildly unappetizing.”

"I wonder if they’re big enough to hold a knife and fork," joked another guest, the VIP told the News.

Trump's hand size became the center of attention after a GOP primary candidate, Senator Marco Rubio, brought it up. Trump had been calling the young senator 'Little Marco' to belittle him on the campaign trail.

Rubio, in turn, pointed out that Trump's hands were small.

"He’s like 6’2”, which is why I don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5’2",” said Rubio.

Trump became extremely defense after Rubio made the remark. He held out his hands to show them off, and to assure viewers that his hands-- as well as other parts of his anatomy-- were entirely in proportion.

“Look at those hands, are they small hands?” Trump famously said during the debate. “If they’re small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”

Trump's vehement defense of his digits had the opposite effect, though, and speculation grew. Attempts at comparing the president's hands to other people's hands or to items he was holding in photos brought about agreement that Trump's fingers are actually slightly shorter than average.

Considering he's slightly taller than average, his hand size does, indeed, look like he's coming up short.

Editors at the Hollywood Reporter may have settled the matter once and for all. They obtained a life-sized print of the president's hand that was created from a bronzed handprint of Trump himself.

The handprint has been hanging in the New York branch of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum since 1997. The impression was made from Trump's actual hand in wax back then.

The majority of Americans have larger hands than Trump, according to neuroscientist Justin Kiggins. Kiggens provided the Huffington Post with a chart from the Ergonomics Center of North Carolina that proves it.

People have been having fun printing up the Trump handprint and comparing it with their own hands. It turns out, Rubio was right. And Trump, apparently, still can’t let it go.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: WhiteHouse.gov, NY Daily News

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