Woman Proves That Sometimes The Right Thing To Do Is Call Kids Out

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but a lot of people are afraid to step up. When kids behave badly, a lot of parents just shake their heads and butt out of the situation to avoid stirring up even more trouble.

One woman says when she saw a group of kids doing the wrong thing, and her heart was racing, but she knew she had to step in. It worked out better than she imagined it would

Mary Katherine Backstrom had just been to Target, then hopped in her car and made a video to explain what happened to her there. The mom was shopping for her family's upcoming beach vacation, and just when she was up to her eyeballs in swimsuits and sunscreen, she noticed what a group of pre-teenagers were doing.

Backstrom saw the children making fun of a man who had cranial deformities. The man had staples in his head and a drooping eye. She had no idea what kind of trauma he had suffered, but the kids thought it was hilarious, apparently.

They started taking photos of him and sending them to friends on social media.

It was a terrible sight to witness, and Backstrom felt compelled to step up and do something about it. This wasn't easy for her. "I have a hard time sometimes accepting that I'm an adult and that I can actually be an adult in situations like this," she explained in her Facebook video.

She futher stated "You feel like these kids are intimidating to you. I'm just not very confident sometimes in my adulthood. But I felt like something needed to be done about this. So I set my cart aside, and when the kids checked out, I walked out and said 'Excuse me. You need to stop.'"

Backstrom says she's normally not very confrontational, so her heart was pounding, but she needed to point out to the children that they were being cruel to that man.

When the kids looked up at her with wide eyes, like deer caught in headlights, she knew they knew they were in trouble. "And in that moment, I realized, yes, I'm an adult. This is OK. I can take control of the situation and teach these kids a lesson."

The kids apologized for their behavior to Backstrom when she asked how they think he would have felt if he had known they were making fun of him. She then told the kids she would wait outside of Target with them for their parents.

Again, Backstrom felt her heart pounding. She had no idea how the parents were going to react. After all, sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Some parents will get defensive when you point out that their little darling might have done something wrong.

When the mom pulled up to pick up her kids, Backstrom explained the situation calmly. To her relief, the mother said, "Thank you for telling me."

"You can tell, she is a kind woman," Backstrom said, noting that the mother was "going home to take care of business."

"You're a really good mom," Backstrom said she wished she got to tell the woman. "...The way you handled that, with so much grace... you're gonna be sending off some decent people in the world."

Backstrom concluded in her video, "Kids can be buttholes sometimes, but they get straightened out when their parents are listening. And then my message to y'all is, if my kids are ever in Target being buttholes or bullies or making fun of people, I hope you do the same thing. Because it's sometimes hard to hear criticism from other parents or hear that your kids are embarrassing you... but that's part of them growing up, and that's a refining process for them, and we all need to be keeping an eye on each other's kids."

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Facebook Screenshots, Marlith/Wikimedia, Gridprop/Wikimedia

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