Bernie Sanders Reveals That Hillary Clinton Would End U.S. Gun Manufacturing

At the March 6 Democratic debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders warned voters of Hillary Clinton's proposals to reverse the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)–an act which shields gun makers from frivolous lawsuits brought by those who want to hold gun makers liable for the illegal use of guns that are legally made and sold.

This would make gun stores and gun makers targets for lawsuits by crime victims. Sanders rejected Clinton's proposals warning that gun manufacturers would disappear. He said:

"If that is the point, I have to tell you I disagree. I disagree because you hold people — in terms of this liability thing, where you hold manufacturers’ liable is if they understand that they’re selling guns into an area that — it’s getting into the hands of criminals, of course, they should be held liable.

But if they are selling a product to a person who buys it legally, what you’re really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in America. I don’t agree with that."

The NRA then tweeted support for Sanders' comments of exposing the reality of Clinton's proposals.

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