Bernie Sanders Suggests The Hillary Clinton Has Only Recently Adopted His Long-Held Beliefs

In an interview that aired last week on NBC's "Meet the Press," Sanders urged voters to compare his longtime positions to those recently taken by Hillary Clinton.

He said, “People will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to Wall Street and corporations, big corporations, with the secretary. I happen to respect and like Hillary Clinton, so I don’t get into personal attacks. But are there differences of opinion that should be discussed? Of course, there are. That’s what that election is about.”

He suggested that Clinton was a latecomer to issues such as tougher finance regulation and the Keystone XL pipeline. Last week, Clinton called for a crack down on Wall Street excesses with a tax on some types of high-frequency trading and strengthening the Volcker Rule to limit some forms of speculative investments.

Sanders also suggested that as president he wouldn’t implement the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation trade deal that Clinton supported as secretary of state but recently said she opposed.

Clinton helped to engineer the Trans-Pacific Partnership while she was President Obama's top diplomat. Sanders also said he supports “common-sense gun reform plus a revolution in mental health.”

Sanders, who represents a state with many hunting enthusiasts, voted in 1993 against the Brady bill, which mandated a five-day waiting period on gun purchases. Clinton has since vowed to “fight for new, effective gun control measures."

Photo: Politico

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