Betsy Devos' Tweet About Pencils Backfire Big Time

Teachers are apparently still seething over the appointment of Betsy DeVos, President Donald Trump's newly confirmed Secretary of Education. After the historic vote, last week, which required calling in Vice President Mike Pence to break a tie, DeVos took office on Monday and made a light-hearted tweet. The smack down she got from educators shows that the new education secretary is going to have an uphill battle all the way.

DeVos posted a seemingly innocent tweet: "Day 1 on the job is done, but we’re only getting started. Now where do I find the pencils?" she joked, along with a little smiley face.

With the 'resist' movement spreading to President Trump's cabinet members, public school teachers couldn't let it slide. Not surprisingly, the joke was turned into a platform for political grandstanding.

"You realize how NOT funny this is since most teachers buy their own supplies. But I bet you're gonna pink slip them anyway," shot back Malynda Hale.

"You gave the @GOP $200 million and not one of them will help you find supplies?" tweeted eBaum's World.

"A true educator wouldn't have to ask... we carry them with us at all times," snapped Laura Fischer.

"Not in the thousands of public schools that can barely afford supplies. Looking forward to you cleaning that lil issue up," Erin Weaver slammed DeVos.

Jaipreet Virdi made fun of DeVos, posting a meme of Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing with a pencil. She asked DeVos, "Is this what you plan to do with your pencil while public school teachers work hard to educate and protect students?"

Clearly none of these educators have been given the opportunity of anti-bullying training in their schools. DeVos might want to grab one of her pencils and make a note of that.

Source: IJ Review
Photo: YouTube

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