Clinton: I Will Support And Back Obama's SCOTUS Nominee If Elected

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton said that she would re-nominate any African-American woman that President Obama sought for the Supreme Court. She said, "I really don't want to second-guess what the president is going to do" and "yes," she would back any Obama appointment "if I win the presidency."

Clinton went on to say, "I want him to nominate whoever he chooses, but we do have a significant number of qualified, ready, prepared African-American women. That is a very important consideration--and certainly, if he nominates somebody who he thinks is going to do the job and, hopefully, break the logjam of the Senate, of course I would stick with that person and do everything I could."

Clinton continued, "It would be nice to have the entire country represented on the Supreme Court, but I don't want to substitute my judgment for the president." In addition, Clinton stated that the Obama administration was "determined not only to fulfill their constitutional responsibility" in nominating a replacement for Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, "but to make the pressure on the Senate so enormous that they have to fulfill their constitutional responsibility."

Photo: Angry White Dude

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