Democratic Officials ‘Putting Finger on the Scale’ to Help Clinton

David Axelrod, President Obama’s former top adviser, used social media on Friday to slam the Democratic National Committee for its response to a data breach by Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, The Hill reported.

The officials temporarily banned the Vermont senator’s staff from using the party’s database on Friday, after one of Sanders’ staffers obtained confidential information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign. That prompted Axelrod to tweet: “W/out evidence that his hierarchy knew about data-poaching, harsh penalty v. @BernieSanders looks like @DNC is putting finger on the scale.”

A Sanders spokesman insisted that the breach was a mistake. He announced the staffer responsible for the controversy had been fired and accused the DNC of reacting too harshly. The campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court against the committee but withdrew it after the officials restored Sanders’ access to the database Friday night.

When the senator apologized to Clinton during Saturday night’s debate, the former secretary of state agreed to put the incident behind her and address more important issues.

In an email to supporters, the Sanders campaign wrote: “That the Democratic Party would deny our staff and volunteers access to data needed to contact voters in Iowa and New Hampshire on the day we reached 2 million individual contributions and received two of our most prominent endorsements is disconcerting.”

Photo: NY Mag

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